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  • Title: 퀸메이커 / Kwinmeikeo (Queenmaker)
  • Genre: Drama, political
  • Format: Webdrama
  • Episodes: 11
  • Broadcast network: Netflix
  • Broadcast period: 2023-Apr-14
  • Original soundtrack: Queenmaker OST


Hwang Do Hee is a Public Relation "fixer" for the powerful Eun family. Oh Kyung Sook is "the Rhinosorous": a civil rights lawyer defending the weak and powerless, currently protesting on the roof of the Eunsung building. Baek Jae Min is the posterboy son-in-law of Son Young Shim, the Eun family matriarch, who wants him to become major of Seoul. When an subordinate of Do Hee commits suicide and circumstances lead to Kyung Sook falling off the building, surviving and becoming an instant sensation - the two polar opposites Do Hee and Kyung Sook join hands. The stage is set for a political battle for the most powerful seat in Seoul.

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Production Credits

  • Production Companies: Insight Film (인사이트필름), Studio Focus X (스튜디오포커스엑스), AStory
  • Director: Oh Jin Suk
  • Screenwriter: Moon Ji Young (문지영)

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