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Remember, About Us


  • Title: 記得,我們有約 (记得,我们有约) / Chi De, Wo Men You Yue (Ji De, Wo Men You Yue)
  • English title: Remember, About Us
  • Genre: Romance
  • Broadcast network: CTI & CTV
  • Broadcast period: CTI 2011-Oct-01 | CTV 2011-Sept-27
  • Air time: CTI Saturdays 22:00 | CTV Tuesdays 22:00


Ken Zhu plays a guy named Luo Jia Jun (Robert) , who is the son of a corporate raider. He is rich, but his dad's company is starting to lose money. Robert needs to get land from a girl named Ding Dong, Jiang Mu Yun (Michelle Chen), but instead, he falls in love with her. If he doesn't get the land, then he must marry a girl who is able to keep his dad's company going. Yang Wen Tai (Wu Zhong Tian), plays another rich guy. Yang Wen Tai happens to be friends with Ding Dong, but she doesn't know that he is the manager of this huge company. He pretends he is just a salary man at the company. Who will she end up with?

Synopsis found from another site, as provided by a poster named Michelle Lu.

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