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  • Title: 낭만닥터 김사부 / Nangmandakteo Kimsabu
  • Also known as: Dr. Romantic
  • Genre: Medical, melodrama, romance
  • Broadcast network: SBS

Season 1[edit]

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim


Dr. Kim was once a famous surgeon who decided to leave his former workplace to be in a small hospital. The oddball but genius doctor teaches the meaning of true doctors to Kang Dong Joo and Yoon Seo Jung, two young doctors who were passionate in their efforts, but only for their own selfish reasons.

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Main Cast
Doldam Hospital
Geosan Hospital
Extended Cast
Special appearance
  • Tae In Ho as Dr. Moon Tae Ho, Seo Jung's boyfriend (ep 1)
  • Moon Ji In as Seo Jung's best friend (ep 1)
  • Ri Min as truck driver (ep 5)
  • Lee Chul Min as Ham Seung Ho, the hostage-taker (ep 7-8)
  • Lee Myung Haeng as Seo Jung's psychiatrist (ep 8-9)
  • Hwang Chan Sung as Young Kyun, knee-injury patient (ep 8) and Joo Hyuk's friend (ep 11-12)
  • Shin Seung Hwan as Jung Jin Young, webtoon artist (ep 9-10, 14, 19-20)
  • Kim Joon Won (김준원) as Auditor Choi, Geosan Hospital audit team (ep 8-10)
  • Kim Dan Woo as Auditor Choi's daughter (ep 10)
  • Park Seung Tae as wife of an elderly patient with chronic obstructive lung disease (ep 10)
  • Kang Eui Shik as Park Joo Hyuk, the deserter (ep 11-12)
  • Han Gab Soo as Joo Hyuk's father (ep 12)
  • Park Young Soo as the employee for Center of Disease Control and Prevention (ep 13)
  • Park Doo Shik as the boyfriend of appendicitis patient (ep 13-14)
  • Jun Min Seo as middle-school student with a wounded younger brother (ep 13-14)
  • Kim Hye Soo as Lee Young Jo (ep special, Kim Sa Boo's first love)

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2017 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards
2016 SBS Drama Awards

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  • SBS will air an “untold story” special episode on 17 January 2017.

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Season 2[edit]

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2


Three years later, eccentric genius Teacher Kim has two new protégés at Doldam Hospital, one studious and driven, the other simply gifted with natural talent. Under the tutelage of Teacher Kim, they'll come to learn some valuable life lessons in addition to medical skills.



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