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  • Title: 紫玫瑰 / Zi Mei Gui
  • English title: Roseate-Love
  • Also known as: Purple Rose / 紙玫瑰 (Paper Rose) / 天國的薔薇 (The Rose of Heaven)
  • Genre: Romance, melodrama
  • Episodes: 13
  • Broadcast network: CTS / GTV
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Jul-12 to 2009-Oct-11
  • Air time: Sunday 22:00 - 23:30
  • Opening theme song: Ai Yi Zhi Cun Zai (愛一直存在) Love Always Exists by Rachel Liang
  • Ending theme song: Ku Guo Jiu Hao Le (哭過就好了) It'll Be Fine After Crying by Rachel Liang


Xiao Zi (Liang Wen Yin/ Rachel) yearns for her childhood sweetheart singing passionately in the pub of a five-star hotel, Lin Nuo (Xu Liang Yu/Henley). The self-assembled "Future Man Band" though only receiving little applause, does not deter Xiao Zi's admiration, and her specially numbered "Purple Roses" made from paper, using true determination, praying for Lin Nuo to defeat the Devil, who is not worthy to be admired.

Today, there is a new waiter in the pub, Ning Zi Da (Huang Teng Hao/ Tender), put under the direction of Xiao Zi. The outside world is all talking about the Zi Da's background, Xiao Zi being righteous and straight forward, accidentally reveals the truth about Zi Da's birth, changing Zi Da's perception of her. Looking at this silly naive girl, pursuing a guy not belonging to her, furthermore making one by one numbered paper purple roses, Zi Da's heart which is surrounded with metal walls, cracks a bit with warmth.

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Jin Wei Fan (金韋汎) as childhood Xiao Zi

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Date Episode Ratings
2009-Jul-12 1 0.57
2009-Jul-19 2 0.38
2009-Jul-26 3 0.43
2009-Aug-02 4 0.38
2009-Aug-09 5 0.40
2009-Aug-23 6 0.43
2009-Aug-30 7 0.34
2009-Sep-06 8 0.29
2009-Sep-13 9 0.26
2009-Sep-20 10 0.35
2009-Sep-27 11 0.32
2009-Oct-04 12 0.27
2009-Oct-11 13 0.30
Average 0.36

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