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Royal Nirvana


  • Title: 鹤唳华亭 / He Li Hua Ting
  • English title: Royal Nirvana
  • Genre: Historical, political
  • Episodes: 60
  • Broadcast network: Youku
  • Broadcast period: 2019-Nov-12


A story that follows a crown prince who faces enemies from all sides and falls in love with a maidservant who wants to kill him.

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Correlation Chart
Crown prince of Northern Qi. He yearns for his father's love but is feared and suppressed due to his position.
Daughter of a civil officer named Lu Ying. She disguises as a maidservant and sneaks into the palace to seek revenge.
Emperor of Northern Qi. Previously the Prince of Ning.
Royal family
  • Jin Han as Xiao Dingtang, Prince Qi. A timid and weak man who is eyeing the throne and constantly frames Xiao Dingquan.
  • Xin Peng as Xiao Dingkai, Prince Zhao. An ambition man who hides his cunning intellect behind a carefree image.
  • Miao Pu as Royal Consort Zhao, mother of Xiao Dingtang and Xiao Dingkai
  • Wang Yu as Xu Changping
  • Cheng Xiao Meng as Zhang Nianzhi, Crown princess
  • Lu Yan Qi as Princess Consort Qi, Li Baizhou's daughter
  • Wang Yuan Ke as Gu Siqing, Deceased Empress of Northern Qi. Gu Silin's younger sister and Xiao Dingquan's mother
  • Zhao Yuan Yuan as Consort Song
  • Ding Liu Yan as Sun Neiren
  • Zhang Zi Qi as Xie Liangdi
  • Tang Xin as Zhou Liangdi
  • Wu Lin as Zhang Liangdi
  • Lin Lu Yao as Wu Baolin'
  • Jiang Yi Fan as Xiao Dingliang, Xiao Dingquan and Lu Wenxi's son
Grand Marshal Manor
Court Officials
  • Hao Lei as Lady Zhang, a palace maid of the service bureau who served the deceased empress
  • Wang Rui Zi as Lady Wu, a palace maid of the service bureau and Lady Zhang's daughter
  • Feng Bo as Lady Jiang, a palace maid of the service bureau and Royal Consort Zhao's confidante
  • Xia Nan as Kou Xiang, a palace maid of the Dong manor
  • Liu Hai Lan as Xi Xiang, a palace maid who serves A'bao
  • Tan Xi He as Chen Jin
  • Wang Jian Guo as Wang Shen


Production Credits[edit]

  • Original Writing: He Li Hua Ting (鹤唳华亭) by Xue Man Liang Yuan (雪满梁园)
  • Director: Yang Wen Jun
  • Screenwriter: Xue Man Liang Yuan (雪满梁园)
  • Producers: Mei Zi Xiao (梅子笑), Huang Yi Long (黄锡龙)
  • Company: Youku, Fei Fan Xiang, China Wit Media, Alibaba Pictures, Saren Media


  • 2019 Sina Film & TV Award Ceremony: Top Ten Television Series
  • 2019 Golden Bud - The Fourth Network Film And Television Festival:


Bie Yun Jian
  • Title: 别云间 / Bie Yun Jian
  • Episodes: 12
  • Broadcast network: Youku
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Sep-22


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