Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace

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Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace


  • Title: 如懿传 / Ru Yi Zhuan
  • English title: Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace
  • Also known as: 后宫·如懿传 / Hou Gong Ru Yi Zhuan / Inner Palace: Legend of Ruyi
  • Genre: Historical, political, romance
  • Episodes: 87
  • Broadcast network: Tencent Video
  • Broadcast period: 2018-Aug-20 to 2018-Oct-15
  • Original soundtrack: Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace OST
  • Air time: 20:00 Monday to Thursday (2 episodes back to back)
  • Related TV series: Empresses in the Palace (2012)


This drama depicts the life and later tragic end of Qingying, later known as Ruyi, whose story is based on that of Lady Ulanara.

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  • 2019 1st Beijing Daily Awards: Best Actress (Zhou Xun)
  • 2019 2nd Asian Academy Creative Awards: Best Actress in a Leading Role (China) - Zhou Xun


  • Filming period: 2016-Aug-15 to 2017-May-04 (264 days)
  • The original novel was written as a sequel to Empresses in the Palace.
  • Ranks of imperial consorts: Empress, Imperial Noble Consort, Noble Consort, Consort, Concubine, Noble Lady, First Class Female Attendant, Second Class Female Attendant, Female Attendant

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