SBS Monday to Friday/Saturday 08:30

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SBS Monday to Friday/Saturday Morning (~8:30 AM)

Title Start Date End Date
Monday to Friday 8:30 AM / 8:40 AM
Amor Fati 2021-Apr-12 2021-Oct-01
Phoenix 2020 2020-Oct-26 2021-Apr-09
Mom Has an Affair 2020-May-04 2020-Oct-23
Want a Taste? 2019-Nov-12 2020-May-01
Shady Mom-in-Law 2019-May-20 2019-Nov-08
Gangnam Scandal 2018-Nov-26 2019-May-17
I'm a Mother, Too 2018-May-28 2018-Nov-23
Happy Sisters 2017-Dec-04 2018-May-25
Sweet Enemy 2017-Jun-12 2017-Dec-01
I'm Sorry Kang Nam Goo 2016-Dec-19 2017-Jun-09
Here Comes Love 2016-Jun-20 2016-Dec-16
My Son-in-Law's Woman 2016-Jan-04 2016-Jun-17
The Mother and Daughter-in-Law 2015-Jun-22 2015-Dec-31
Enchanting Neighbor 2015-Jan-05 2015-Jun-19
Cheongdamdong Scandal 2014-Jul-21 2015-Jan-02
You're Only Mine 2014-Jan-20 2014-Jul-18
Two Women's Room 2013-Aug-05 2014-Jan-17
Your Lady 2013-Feb-18 2013-Aug-02
I Like You 2012-Sep-03 2013-Feb-15
Welcome Rain to My Life 2012-Apr-02 2012-Aug-31
Bride of the Sun 2011-Oct-24 2012-Mar-30
Miss Ajumma 2011-May-30 2011-Oct-21
War of the Roses 2011-Jan-03 2011-May-24
You Don't Know Women 2010-Aug-02 2010-Dec-31
Daring Women 2010-Mar-02 2010-Jul-30
Don't Hesitate 2009-Oct-05 2010-Feb-26

Title Start Date End Date
Monday to Saturday 8:30 AM / 8:40 AM
Green Coach 2009-May-11 2009-Oct-02
Innocent You 2008-Dec-22 2009-May-09
Daughter in Law 2008-Jul-21 2008-Dec-20
Aquarius 2008-Mar-03 2008-Jul-19
Cannot Hate You 2007-Oct-01 2008-Mar-01
Good Day to Love 2007-Apr-23 2007-Sep-29
Love and Hate 2006-Dec-04 2007-Apr-21
Barefoot Love 2006-Jul-31 2006-Dec-02
I Want to Love 2006-Feb-27 2006-Jul-29
Wild Flower 2005-Oct-10 2006-Feb-24
Queen of Conditions 2005-May-09 2005-Oct-08
Pearl Earring 2005-Jan-24 2005-May-07
Choice 2004-Aug-02 2005-Jan-22
Proposal 2004-Feb-16 2004-Jul-31
Garden of Eve 2003-Sep-15 2004-Feb-14
Near to You 2003-Mar-03 2003-Sep-10
Ice Flower 2002-Sep-16 2003-Mar-01
Mom's Song 2002-Apr-01 2002-Sep-14
Outing 2001-Oct-09 2002-Mar-30
Morning Without Parting 2001-Mar-12 2001-Oct-06
Pardon 2000-Oct-20 2001-Mar-10
Love and Separation (사랑과 이별) 2000-Jul-03 2000-Oct-14
Nice Man (착한 남자) 2000-Feb-28 2000-Jul-01
Cello (첼로) 1999-Oct-11 2000-Feb-26
Her Choice (그녀의 선택) 1999-May-24 1999-Oct-09
Now Is the Time to Love (지금은 사랑할 때) 1999-Jan-04 1999-May-22
Hug (포옹) 1998-Sep-21 1998-Dec-31
My Mother's Daughters (엄마의 딸) 1998-Mar-23 1998-Sep-19
Spring after Winter (겨울 지나고 봄) 1998-Jan-05 1998-Mar-21
Only You (1997) (당신 뿐인데) 1997-Aug-04 1997-Dec-31
Song of the Single (단 한번의 노래) 1997-Mar-03 1997-Aug-02
Sometimes Like Strangers (때로는 타인처럼) 1996-Sep-16 1997-Mar-01
Encounter (SBS) (만남) 1996-Mar-25 1996-Sep-14
Elegy (엘레지) 1995-Oct-09 1996-Mar-23
Your Voice (그대 목소리) 1995-May-15 1995-Oct-07
Your Window (그대의 창) 1994-Nov-28 1995-May-13
The Woman in the Matchbox (성냥갑 속의 여자) 1994-Jul-11 1994-Nov-26
I Want to Be Happy (행복하고 싶어요) 1994-Feb-14 1994-Jul-09
Woman's Mirror (여자의 거울) 1993-Sep-27 1994-Feb-12
Conditions of Love (사랑의 조건) 1993-Apr-05 1993-Sep-25
Autumn Woman (가을 여자) 1992-Oct-12 1993-Apr-03
Winter Bird (1992) (겨울새) 1992-May-18 1992-Oct-10
Door of Solitude (고독의 문) 1991-Dec-09 1992-May-16