SBS Monday to Friday Late Evening

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SBS Monday to Friday Night(~8:50 PM)[edit]

Title Start Date End Date
Traveling Women 2004-May-03 2004-Oct-08
Apgujeong House 2003-Nov-03 2004-Apr-30
Honest Living 2003-May-19 2003-Oct-31
Sunrise House 2002-Oct-21 2003-May-16
Five Brothers and Sisters 2002-Apr-01 2002-Oct-18
Couple 2001-Oct-08 2002-Mar-29
Well Known Woman 2001-Apr-02 2001-Oct-05
I Want To Keep Seeing You 2000-Sep-18 2001-Mar-30
Who Are You, Si Kil Rae (당신은 누구시길래) 1999-Sep-06 2000-Sep-15
Promise (약속) 1999-Apr-12 1999-Sep-03
I Hate You, But It's Fine (미우나 고우나) 1998-Oct-19 1999-Apr-09
Seven Brides (7인의 신부) 1998-Aug-17 1998-Oct-16
Seoul Tango (서울 탱고) 1998-Mar-02 1998-Aug-14
Beyond the Horizon (지평선 너머) 1997-Oct-27 1998-Feb-26
Miari No. 1 (미아리 일번지) 1997-Jun-30 1997-Oct-22
Happiness in our Heart (행복은 우리 가슴에) 1997-Mar-03 1997-Jun-27
Mom's Flag (엄마의 깃발) 1996-Sep-02 1997-Feb-28
The Bicycle-Riding Woman (자전거를 타는 여자) 1996-Feb-05 1996-Aug-30
Hymn of Love (사랑의 찬가) 1995-Jul-10 1996-Feb-02