SBS Wednesday & Thursday Night 21:55

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SBS Wednesday & Thursday Night (9:55 PM)

Also known as SBS Drama Special.

Title Start Date End Date
Secret Boutique 2019-Sep-18 2019-Nov-28
Doctor Detective 2019-Jul-17 2019-Sep-05
My Absolute Boyfriend 2019-May-15 2019-Jul-11
Big Issue 2019-Mar-06 2019-May-02
The Last Empress 2018-Nov-21 2019-Feb-21
Heart Surgeons 2018-Sep-27 2018-Nov-15
Your Honor 2018-Jul-25 2018-Sep-20
Handsome Guy and Jung Eum 2018-May-23 2018-Jul-19
Switch: Change the World 2018-Mar-28 2018-May-17
Return 2018-Jan-17 2018-Mar-22
Judge vs. Judge 2017-Nov-22 2018-Jan-11
While You Were Sleeping 2017-Sep-27 2017-Nov-16
Reunited Worlds 2017-Jul-19 2017-Sep-21
Suspicious Partner 2017-May-10 2017-Jun-29
Saimdang, Light's Diary 2017-Jan-26 2017-May-04
Legend of the Blue Sea 2016-Nov-16 2017-Jan-25
Jealousy Incarnate 2016-Aug-24 2016-Nov-10
Wanted 2016-Jun-22 2016-Aug-18
Entertainer 2016-Apr-20 2016-Jun-16
Please Come Back, Mister 2016-Feb-24 2016-Apr-14
Remember 2015-Dec-09 2016-Feb-18
The Village 2015-Oct-07 2015-Dec-03
Yong Pal 2015-Aug-05 2015-Oct-01
Mask 2015-May-27 2015-Jul-30
Girl Who Sees Smells 2015-Apr-01 2015-May-21
Hyde, Jekyll, Me 2015-Jan-21 2015-Mar-26
Pinocchio 2014-Nov-12 2015-Jan-15
She's So Lovable 2014-Sep-17 2014-Nov-06
It's Okay, It's Love 2014-Jul-23 2014-Sep-11
You're All Surrounded 2014-May-07 2014-Jul-17
3 Days 2014-Mar-05 2014-May-01
You Who Came From the Stars 2013-Dec-18 2014-Feb-27
Heirs 2013-Oct-09 2013-Dec-12
Master's Sun 2013-Aug-07 2013-Oct-03
I Hear Your Voice 2013-Jun-05 2013-Aug-01
All About My Romance 2013-Apr-04 2013-May-29
That Winter, The Wind Blows 2013-Feb-13 2013-Apr-03
The Great Seer 2012-Oct-10 2013-Feb-07
To the Beautiful You 2012-Aug-15 2012-Oct-04
Ghost 2012-May-30 2012-Aug-09
Rooftop Prince 2012-Mar-21 2012-May-24
Take Care of Us, Captain 2012-Jan-04 2012-Mar-08
Tree With Deep Roots 2011-Oct-05 2011-Dec-22
Protect the Boss 2011-Aug-03 2011-Sep-29
City Hunter 2011-May-25 2011-Jul-28
49 Days 2011-Mar-16 2011-May-19
Sign 2011-Jan-05 2011-Mar-10
Dae Mul 2010-Oct-06 2010-Dec-23
My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox 2010-Aug-11 2010-Sep-30
Bad Guy 2010-May-26 2010-Aug-05
Prosecutor Princess 2010-Mar-31 2010-May-20
Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors 2010-Feb-03 2010-Mar-25
Will it Snow for Christmas? 2009-Dec-02 2010-Jan-28
You're Beautiful 2009-Oct-07 2009-Nov-26
Swallow the Sun 2009-Jul-09 2009-Oct-01
City Hall 2009-Apr-29 2009-Jul-02
Cain and Abel 2009-Feb-18 2009-Apr-23
Star's Lover 2008-Dec-10 2009-Feb-12
The Painter of the Wind 2008-Sep-24 2008-Dec-04
Working Mom 2008-Jul-30 2008-Sep-18
Iljimae 2008-May-21 2008-Jul-24
On Air 2008-Mar-05 2008-May-15
Robber 2008-Jan-02 2008-Feb-28
Lobbyist 2007-Oct-10 2007-Dec-26
How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor 2007-Jul-25 2007-Sep-27
Money's Warfare 2007-May-16 2007-Jul-19
Witch Amusement 2007-Mar-21 2007-May-10
Surgeon Bong Dal Hee 2007-Jan-17 2007-Mar-15
Lovers 2006-Nov-08 2007-Jan-11
Invincible Parachute Agent 2006-Sep-06 2006-Nov-02
Please Come Back, Soon-Ae 2006-Jul-12 2006-Aug-31
Smile Again 2006-May-17 2006-Jul-06
Bad Family 2006-Mar-22 2006-May-11
Tree of Heaven 2006-Feb-08 2006-Mar-09
My Girl 2005-Dec-14 2006-Feb-02
Love Needs a Miracle 2005-Oct-05 2005-Dec-08
Princess Lulu 2005-Jul-27 2005-Sep-29
Single Again 2005-Jun-08 2005-Jul-21
Hello My Teacher 2005-Apr-13 2005-Jun-02
Hong Kong Express 2005-Feb-16 2005-Apr-07
Stained Glass 2004-Dec-01 2005-Feb-03
When a Man is in Love 2004-Sep-30 2004-Nov-18
She is Nineteen 2004-Jul-28 2004-Sep-23
Island Village Teacher 2004-Jun-02 2004-Jul-24
Miss Kim Makes 1 Million 2004-Apr-07 2004-May-27
Shining Days 2004-Feb-11 2004-Apr-01
Stairway to Heaven 2003-Dec-03 2004-Feb-05
Punch 2003-Oct-08 2003-Nov-27
My Fair Lady 2003-Aug-13 2003-Oct-02
Fairy and Swindler 2003-Jun-04 2003-Aug-07
A Land of Alcohol 2003-Apr-09 2003-May-29
All In 2003-Jan-15 2003-Apr-03
Shoot for the Star 2002-Nov-20 2003-Jan-03
Affection 2002-Aug-28 2002-Nov-13
Age of Innocence 2002-Jul-03 2002-Aug-22
Bad Girls 2002-May-08 2002-Jun-27
Successful Story of a Bright Girl 2002-Mar-13 2002-May-02
We Are Dating Now 2002-Jan-16 2002-Mar-07
Piano 2001-Nov-21 2002-Jan-10
Legend 2001-Sep-26 2001-Nov-15
Guardian Angel 2001-Aug-01 2001-Sep-20
Law Firm 2001-Jun-06 2001-Jul-26
Beautiful Days 2001-Mar-14 2002-May-31
Soon Ja 2001-Jan-10 2001-Mar-08
Cheers for the Women 2000-Nov-12 2001-Jan-04
Juliet's Man 2000-Sep-14 2000-Nov-09
SWAT Police 2000-Jul-19 2000-Sep-07
Popcorn 2000-May-24 2000-Jul-13
Fireworks 2000-Feb-02 2000-May-18
Love Story 1999-Dec-01 2000-Jan-27
Crystal 1999-Oct-06 1999-Nov-25
Queen 1999-Aug-11 1999-Sep-30
Happy Together 1999-Jun-19 1999-Aug-06
Tomato 1999-Apr-21 1999-Jun-10
Trap of Youth 1999-Jan-27 1999-Apr-15
House Above the Waves 1999-Jan-06 1999-Jan-14
The Solid Man (단단한 놈) 1998-Dec-09 1998-Dec-31
Winners/Seung Boo Sa (승부사) 1998-Sep-16 1998-Dec-03
Hong Gil Dong 1998-Jul-22 1998-Sep-10
Mister Q 1998-May-20 1998-Jul-16
Steal My Heart 1998-Mar-25 1998-May-14
Shadows of an Old Love (옛사랑의 그림자) 1998-Feb-25 1998-Mar-19
White Christmas (화이트 크리스마스) 1997-Dec-17 1998-Jan-08
Snail (달팽이) 1997-Oct-08 1997-Dec-11
Tears of Roses (장미의 눈물) 1997-Aug-13 1997-Oct-02
Model 1997-Apr-09 1997-Aug-07
The Brothers' River 1996-Oct-02 1997-Apr-03
August's Bride (8월의 신부) 1996-Aug-07 1996-Sep-25
Man's Great Exploration (남자대탐험) 1996-Jun-12 1996-Aug-01
Thief (도둑) 1996-Apr-17 1996-Jun-06
In The Name of Love (사랑의 이름으로) 1996-Jan-10 1996-Apr-10
Thaw (해빙) 1995-Nov-08 1995-Dec-28
Jazz (째즈) 1995-Sep-06 1995-Oct-26
Inside the Mysterious Mirror (신비의 거울속으로) 1995-Jul-12 1995-Aug-31
Asphalt Man 1995-May-17 1995-Jul-06
Until We Meet Again (다시 만날 때까지) 1995-Feb-22 1995-May-11
Sandglass 1995-Jan-10 1995-Feb-16
There's No Love (사랑은 없다) 1994-Aug-24 1994-Dec-14