Saturday & Sunday Night 20:45

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SBS Saturday & Sunday Night (~8:45 PM)[edit]

Title Start Date End Date
Fates and Furies (Saturday only) 2018-Dec-01 2019-Feb-09
Ms. Ma, Nemesis (Saturday only) 2018-Oct-06 2018-Nov-24
Let Me Introduce Her (Saturday only) 2018-Jul-14 2018-Sep-29
Secret Mother (Saturday only) 2018-May-12 2018-Jul-07
Good Witch (Saturday only) 2018-Mar-03 2018-May-05
Bravo My Life (Saturday only) 2017-Oct-21 2018-Feb-03
Unni Is Alive (Saturday only) 2017-Apr-15 2017-Oct-14
Our Gab Soon (Saturday only starting Nov-05) 2016-Aug-27 2016-Apr-08
Yeah, That's How It Is 2016-Feb-13 2016-Aug-21
The Family is Coming 2015-Jan-03 2015-Mar-15
Modern Farmer 2014-Oct-18 2014-Dec-27
Mother's Choice (Sunday only) 2014-Oct-12 2014-Oct-12
Glorious Day 2014-Apr-26 2014-Oct-05
Kang Goo's Story 2014-Mar-29 2014-Mar-30
Passionate Love 2013-Sep-29 2014-Mar-23
Wonderful Mama 2013-Apr-13 2013-Sep-22
My Love, Madame Butterfly 2012-Oct-06 2013-Apr-07
Tasty Life 2012-Apr-28 2012-Sep-23
If Tomorrow Comes 2011-Oct-29 2012-Apr-22
My Love By My Side 2011-May-07 2011-Oct-23
Smile, Mom 2010-Nov-06 2011-Apr-24
Definitely Neighbors 2010-Mar-13 2010-Oct-31
Loving You a Thousand Times 2009-Aug-29 2010-Mar-07
Can Anyone Love 2009-Mar-08 2009-Aug-23
City of Glass 2008-Sep-06 2009-Mar-01
I Am Happy 2008-Feb-09 2008-Aug-31
Golden Bride 2008-Jun-23 2007-Feb-03
Yeon Gae Somun 2006-Jul-08 2007-Jun-17
Dear Heaven 2005-Sep-10 2006-Jul-02
That Summer Typhoon 2005-May-28 2005-Sep-04
Land 2004-Nov-27 2005-May-22
Little Women 2004-Apr-24 2004-Nov-21
Long Live Love 2003-Oct-25 2004-Apr-18
South of the Sun 2003-Aug-30 2003-Oct-19
Escape From Unemployment 2003-Apr-26 2003-Aug-24
Like a Flowing River 2002-Nov-02 2003-Apr-20
The Woman 2002-Apr-27 2002-Oct-27
Splendid Days 2001-Nov-03 2002-Apr-21
Father and Son 2001-Jul-21 2001-Oct-28
Still Love 2001-Jan-06 2001-Jul-15
Virtue 2000-Apr-22 2000-Dec-31
Wang Rung's Land 2000-Jan-01 2000-Apr-16
Wave 1999-Apr-24 1999-Dec-26
Young Sun 1999-Feb-13 1999-Apr-18
Letters Written on a Cloudy Day 1998-Oct-31 1999-Feb-07
Romance 1998-Aug-08 1998-Oct-25
I Love You, I Love You 1998-Mar-07 1998-Aug-02
Beautiful Crime 1997-Nov-22 1998-Mar-01
Woman Next Door 1997-Jul-05 1997-Nov-09
Palace of Dreams (꿈의 궁전) 1997-Jan-04 1997-Jun-29
Start of Happiness (행복의 시작) 1996-Jul-20 1996-Dec-29
Between Father And Son (부자유친) 1996-Jan-06 1996-Jul-14
Auntie Ok (옥이 이모) 1995-May-14 1995-Dec-31
Way of Living: Woman 1994-Oct-08 1995-May-01
Scent of Love (SBS) 1994-Apr-09 1994-Oct-02
Work and Love (일과 사랑) 1993-Oct-23 1994-Apr-03
To Live (산다는 것은) 1993-Apr-24 1993-Oct-17
Ambitions on Sand (모래위의 욕망) 1992-Oct-31 1993-Apr-18
Love Without Fear (두려움 없는 사랑) 1992-May-02 1992-Oct-25
Do You Know Eun Ha Soo (은하수를 아시나요) 1991-Dec-14 1992-Apr-26