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Scarlet Scorpion



The Mukang border checkpoint of the Yunnan public security frontier corps is adjacent to the Golden Triangle, one of the world’s three major drug sources, making it a transit channel for foreign drugs to flow to mainland. In recent years, female drug dealers have increased, but here guarding a group of warriors for border anti-narcotics, forging a great wall of steel that drug traffickers can't surpass, has become a ghost gate for drug traffickers. Even drug dealers who want to use their special identities to make huge profits can hardly escape the "fire eyes" of border guards. Female drug traffickers are of all kinds and various ways of drug trafficking, but at the border, no matter how cunning and cleverly disguised drug dealers, they will be unable to escape the law. They hide the drugs in places that people do not think of, but they are all stripped by border officers and soldiers.

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