Secret History of Kangxi

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Kang Xi Mi Shi


  • Title: 康熙秘史 / Kang Xi Mi Shi
  • Also known as: 康朝秘史 (Kang Chao Mi Shi) / 纳兰与康熙 (Nalan and Kang Xi) / Secret History of Kang Xi (ATV HK)
  • Genre: Historical drama, romance
  • Episodes: 42
  • Broadcast network: BTV-4
  • Broadcast period: 2006-Nov-29 to 2006-Dec
  • Theme song: Yi Wan Ci Hu Han (一万次呼喊) Ten Thousand Shouts by Shi Xiao Qun and Wallace Chung
  • Related TV series: Xiao Zhuang Mi Shi, Huang Tai Zi Mi Shi, Tai Zu Mi Shi


The fourth installment of the "Mi Shi" series gives a fictionalized spin on Kang Xi's maturation process and road to independent rule complete with love triangles and dramatic emphasis. After Regent Suo Ni's death during Emperor Kang Xi's eighth year of reign, Kang Xi sees an opportunity to gain complete independence as a ruler. One day while visiting the home of one of his ministers, Kang Xi encounters and becomes smitten with Ao Bai's beautiful daughter, Qing Ge Er. Unaware of Kang Xi's true identity, Qing Ge Er tries to reject his aggressive advances. Minister Nalan Ming Zhu's gallant and talented son, Nalan Xing De, sees her plight and comes to her rescue, angering the spoiled young Emperor. This fateful encounter marks the beginning of both rivalry and eventual mutual respect.

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