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Shizumanu Taiyou (Part 1)
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  • Title: 沈まぬ太陽
  • Title (romaji): Shizumanu Taiyou
  • Title (English): The Unbroken
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Corporate
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: WOWOW
  • Broadcast periods:
    • Part 1: 2016-May-08 to 2016-Jun-26 (ep1-8)
    • Part 2: 2016-Jul-10 to 2016-Sep-25 (ep9-20)
  • Air time: Sunday 22:00


Onchi Hajime is the labour union leader of a national airline. He and his deputy Gyoten Shiro seek to improve the poor working conditions which can cause fatal accidents, and have intense confrontations with the airline's top management. However, Onchi is relegated to a remote place overseas while the pragmatic Gyoten ingratiates himself with the people at the top and moves up. Not long after that, a large passenger aircraft of the national airline crashes in an unprecedented tragedy. Returning to Japan, Onchi is put in charge of the bereaved families and engages them sincerely. Meanwhile, the Japanese government demands that Kunimi Masayuki of a cotton spinning business, become the airline's new chairman in order to rebuild the company. Onchi is given the role to conduct an inquiry into the improprieties rampant in the organisation by Kunimi, but discovers that Gyoten, who has climbed to the position of managing director, stands in his way. -- Jdrama Weblog

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  • The first drama out of two to commemorate WOWOW's 25th anniversary. The other is Cold Case.
  • 20 episodes in total, making it the longest-running WOWOW drama to date.
  • Story is based on the Japan Airlines Flight 123 accident in 1985.
  • Filming included overseas locations such as Africa and the Middle East.

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