Sound of the Desert

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Sound of the Desert


  • Title: 风中奇缘 / Feng Zhong Qi Yuan
  • English Title: Sound of the Desert
  • Also known as: 星月传奇 / Xing Yue Chuan Qi / Legend of the Moon and Stars; 大漠谣 / Da Mo Yao / Ballad of the Desert
  • Genre: Historical, romance
  • Episodes: 35
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Broadcast period: 2014-Oct-01 to 2014-Nov-27
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00
  • Original soundtrack: Sound of the Desert OST
  • Related TV series: Love Yunge from the Desert (2015)


The series tells the story of Jin Yu, an orphan who was raised by wolves in the desert before a Han Chinese, who was living among the Xiongnu tribe, decided to take her in. A couple of years later, political changes leads to her father's death, and Jin Yu changes her name to Xin Yue and follows her father's wish for her to return back to Chang'an. Along the way, she meets Mo Xun, a calm and disabled man who offers her travelling expenses as long as she helps him and his merchants out of the desert. She then also runs into Wei Wu Ji, a cold yet caring General who instantly shows interest in her.

Once arriving in Chang'an, Xin Yue ends up in a brothel where young girls are trained to entertain men with performances, with the objective of impressing a nobleman. Eventually, her determination to improve the business of the brothel allows for her to rise and become the head of the business, in which she runs with Aunt Hong Gu. She then meets Qin Xiang, a mysterious and quiet girl whose determination to meet the Emperor causes Xin Yue to get out of her ways to help her, leading to Qin Xiang later becoming the Emperor's most powerful concubine.

While dealing with the political changes as well as Qin Xiang's schemes against her, Xin Yue also experiences painful turns in her relationship with Mo Xun and Wei Wu Ji, where she eventually chooses one of them.

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Main Cast
An orphan girl of Xiongnu ethnicity who was raised by wolves in the desert.
A master tactician and great warrior, who has led continuous victories on the battlefield.
Also known as the Ninth Master. Owner of the the Shi Enterprise; known for his wide influences in the Damo Plains.
A dancer in Luo Yu Fang who befriends Xin Yue, and later receives her help to enter the palace. Her true intention is to get close to the Emperor and seek revenge for her mother's death.
Ruler of the Damo Plains, and Xin Yue's childhood sweetheart. An ambitious man who usurped the throne and engaged in a long-term war with the Southern dynasties to control the whole country.
People in Palace
People in Luo Yu Fang
People around Wei Wu Ji
Xiongnu People
  • Cai Ya Tong as Mao Yunzhu (Xin Yue's childhood friend. Hu Weili's wife)
  • Ruan Wei Jing as Hei Shi (voiced by Li Zheng Xiang) (Xin Yue's childhood companion)
  • Dilireba as Li Ji (A dancer from an external tribe. Hei Shi's wife)
  • Qiang Yu as Crown Prince Mu Rongfeng (Previous crown prince of Damo plains. Xin Yue's childhood friend)
  • Su Mao as Yu Manqing (Xin Yue's adoptive father)
Shi Enterprise

Production Credits


  • Filming period: 2012-Mar-09 to 2012-Jul-02
  • Production period: 3 months
  • Some character names were changed due to claims of falsifying historical accounts.

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