Spring Goes, Spring Comes

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Spring Goes, Spring Comes


  • Title: 春去春又回 / Chun Qu You Chun Hui
  • English title: Spring Goes, Spring Comes
  • Genre: Romance, drama
  • Episodes: 45
  • Broadcast network: Shandong TV
  • Broadcast period: 2008


The brothers Zhang Laifu and Zhang Changgui grew up in the countryside since childhood, and they are very affectionate. Chang Gui killed the wrong person because of stealing rice, and Lai Fu took the blame. He spent several years in prison before he was free. During this period, Chang Gui actually had a long-term relationship with Laifu's girlfriend, Liu Qingqing who was a maid in the rich family. After learning the truth, Laifu also frankly let love, and even went to Shanghai to make a money to redeem Qingqing. After he arrived in Shanghai, he met Shen Zijun, and Yu Chuangshi, a wealthy son, also in loved with Zi Jun and chased after her. Soon after, Laifu brought Shen Xinchi back to his hometown from Shanghai. Zhang's father, a fan of wealth, actually regards his own son Changgui as the rich illegitimate son Zhu Zigui. Since then, he has been pushed to the dead end.

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