Story of Kunning Palace

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Story of Kunning Palace


  • Title: 宁安如梦 / Ning An Ru Meng
  • English title: Story of Kunning Palace
  • Genre: Historical, romance, political
  • Episodes: 38
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2023-Nov-07 to 2023-Nov-25
  • Air time: 19:00
  • Original soundtrack: Story of Kunning Palace OST


Jiang Xuening had gone to great lengths to become empress, but was forced to commit suicide during a palace mutiny. Now, Jiang Xuening's dream is to get away from power and have control over her own life. However, by mistake, she has joined the palace as a tutor and becomes a student of the imperial master Xie Wei. While receiving Xie Wei's teachings, Jiang Xuening secretly plans to stop Yan Lin's upcoming "Blood Crown Ceremony." With Jiang Xuening and Xie Wei's plan, the Yan family's lives were saved. After the "Blood Crown Ceremony," Jiang Xuening is inadvertently involved in the imperial court's plan to eliminate those rebels against Prince Pingnan, and infiltrates into the enemy camp with Zhang Zhe. When the enemy kingdom Yue comes to invade, the Princess Shen Zhiyi resolutely embarks on the road to peace. In order to save her friend Shen Zhiyi, Jiang Xuening heads north with Xie Wei to invade Yue Kingdom. In the midst of many crises, Xie Wei protects Jiang Xuening even at the risk of hurting himself, and the two of them grow to love each other. However, a bigger conspiracy gradually surfaced, which pointed to the truth of the Prince Pingnan incident twenty years ago. In the end, Jiang Xuening and Xie Wei teamed up to uncover the truth of that year.

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Main Cast

  • Bai Lu as Jiang Xuening, second daughter of Jiang family | Empress of Da Qian Kingdom (previous life) | Jiang Ning, author of novel Ning An Ru Meng
  • Zhang Ling He as Xie Wei (Xie Ju'an) / Xue Dingfei, Imperial Tutor. Jin Ling's Du Jun Shan Ren, one of the two advisors of Prince Ping Nan. Elder son of Duke Xue Yuan | Xie Juan, Jiang Ning's editor
  • Wang Xing Yue as Zhang Zhe, supervising secretary for the Division of Criminal Justice
  • Zhou Jun Wei as Yan Lin (Yan Min) (voiced by Chen Zhang Tai Kang), son of Marquis Yong Yi
  • Liu Xie Ning as Shen Zhiyi (voiced by Qiao Su), Elder Princess Le Yang


Royal Family



  • Sun Di as Huang Renli, Chief of Internal Affairs. Empress Dowager's attendant eunuch
  • Yu Miao Xin as Wang Xinyi (voiced by Li Nan), Chief of Imperial Study. Shen Lang's attendant eunuch
  • Yang Gen as Zheng Bao (voiced by Chen Qi Gang), Wang Xinyi's disciple. Shen Jie's attendant (previous life); Jiang Xuening's ally
  • Xuan Yi Hao as Xiao Man, Shen Jie's attendant
  • Lu Lin as Instructor Nanny Su, etiquette teacher. Shen Zhiyi's nanny
  • Fu Rong (付蓉) as Nanny Xu (voiced by Zhang Xin Yu), Empress Dowager's attendant
  • Li Hai Dong as Eunuch Liu, Department of Internal Affairs
  • Xiao Song Yuan as Wang Jiu, professor of Han Lin Academy
  • Liu Ya Peng as Zhao Yanhong, professor of Han Lin Academy
  • Su Ling as Jiao Rui, maid of Yang Zhi Zhai. Used by Xue Shu to frame Jiang Xuening

People around Xie Wei

Jiang Manor

Xue Manor (Ding Guo Duke Manor)

Xing Wu Guards

Yan Manor/Army

Jin Ling (Rebel Forces)

You Manor

  • Liu Xiu as Earl Qing Yuan
  • Tian Miao as Madame You, You Yue's mother
  • Wang Ya Ni as You Yue (voiced by Liu Qing), second daughter of You Family
  • Tang Meng Jia as You Fangyin, third daughter of You Family. Jiang Xuening's attendant (previous life)
  • Zheng Yuan as Xiao Cui, You Yue's attendant


  • Liu Jin Yan as Fang Miao (voiced by Yu Meng Ci), daughter of the Imperial Astronomy Bureau Head. Later becomes Shen Jie's wife
  • Cai Zhuo Yin as Yao Xi (voiced by Li Min), daughter of Yao Qingyu
  • Fan Jing Wen as Zhou Baoying (voiced by Yi Xin), daughter of Marquis Ding Yuan
  • Liu Ming Hao as County Prince Yan Ping, close friend of Yan Lin and Shen Jie


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  • Filming period: 2022-May-21 to 2022-Sep-08

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