Sword Dynasty

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Sword Dynasty


  • Title: 剑王朝 / Jian Wang Chao
  • English title: Sword Dynasty
  • Genre: Wuxia
  • Episodes: 34
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2019-Dec-06 to 2020-Jan-04
  • Original soundtrack: Sword Dynasty OST


Ding Ning, a sickly young sword cultivator and his companions set out to to overthrow the tyrannical Great Heng Dynasty ruled by a formidable Sword Sorceress and Sorcerer couple in order to realize their dreams of a 'Sword Dynasty’.


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  • Li Xian as Ding Ning, male protagonist. Disciple of Wang Jingmeng. Adopted nephew of Zhangsun Qianxue.
  • Li Yi Tong as Zhangsun Qianxue, female protagonist. Last seed of the once powerful Gongsun family.

The Palace[edit]

  • Liu Yi Jun as Emperor Yuan Wu, Sword Sorcerer of the Great Heng Dynasty in pursuit of the 9th realm of cultivation, which grants immortality.
  • Yao Di as Empress Zheng Xiu, Sword Sorceress of the Great Heng Dynasty. In control as her husband cultivates in seclusion. Formerly fiancee of Wang Jinmeng.
  • Liu Yi Tong as Prince Yuan Zichu, the crown prince and kind-hearted successor of Great Heng
  • Chen Shang Ze as Prince Yuan Zihan, the older brother of the crown prince.
  • Wang Ge as Zhu Yuan, aid to Prince Zihan
  • Xue Qian Qian as Xiao Yue, shaman of Xiang kingdom and under cover as palace maid to Prince Zihan
  • Du Jing Yi as Rong Zhi, a palace maid attached to the Empress.
  • Dong Yue as Ye Xinhe, Rong Zhi's replacement as trustee of the Empress.
  • Yao Qing Ren as Prime Minister Li
  • Liu Bo Xiao as Marquis Fang Xiang, leader of the 11 Marquis in the Empire.
  • Wang Xin Ran as Fang Xiumu , brother of Marquis Fang Xiang

Military and Government[edit]

  • Ma Jing Han as General Liang Lian of Tiger-Wolf Army Camp. Wants to become nobility by obtaining Marquis Dugu's spot. Former Ba Mountain sect.
  • Han Shuo as Qi Pomo, military advisor and strategist for the Tiger-Wolf Army Camp.
  • Fu Wen Biao (付文彪) as Duan Zhiqiu, trusted commander of Tiger-Wolf Army Camp.
  • Zhang Ming Ming as Superintendent Chen Xuan of the Holy Capital Surveillance. He mentors Ye Celing and supports her as much as possible.
  • Li Lu Qi as Mo Qinggong, Holy Capital Surveillance. Prime Minster Li's ear in the capital.
  • Yang Zheng as Huang Zhenwei, replaces Chen Xuan after the prison break as Chief of Holy Capital Surveillance.
  • Liu Han Yang as Bai Gongfeng, Bureau of Heavenly Supervision. Assistant to Ye Celing.
  • Ji Hai Xing as Marquis Li Hou, he suspect Ding Ning to be sa descendent of "that person" and wants him killed.
  • Sun Zheng Yu as Marquis Dugu Hou, Ding Ning's first kill in his grand scheme that opens up a Marquis slot in the Heng empire.

Important citizens[edit]

  • Yu Zhi Hui as Miss Shang, Proprietor of the fish market and dealer of information and artefacts.
  • Li Jing as Sun Bing, Miss Shang's assistant.
  • Hu Jian as Wang Taixu, leader of Two-Story Tower. He gets Ding Ning into White Mountain Sect in exchange for his help with a rival.
  • Yao Jin as Zhou Sansheng, member of Two-Story Tower organization.
  • Wang Zhuo Cheng as Feng Qinghan, grandson of Feng Qianzhuo, an influential family in Tushan County.
  • Min Zheng as Zhou Rongmo, the undying. Elder of the Zhou family who the Freehand Painting Remnant Scroll that unlocks various sword and cultivation skills.

The Three Kingdoms[edit]

Fengwu Kingdom[edit]

Ba Mountain Sword Academy[edit]

The sect has disolved and its members either killed or put in government positions if they pledged allegiance to the Emperor. Zhangsun Qianxue is a former member.

  • Peter Ho as Wang Jingmeng, former fiancee of the empress. Leader of Ba Mountain Sect. Referred to as "this person" after he died through betrayal in events following the conquest of the Lie Kingdom.
  • Mark Lo as Lin Zhujiu, strategist and best friend of Wang Jingmeng.
  • Zhao Yuan Yuan as Ye Celing. Former member of Ba Mountain, now Chief of the Bureau of Heavenly Supervision. Seventh realm of cultivation.
  • Xiao Bing as Feng Qianzhuo. Former Ba Mountain. Womanizer who stole an artefact from Xue Wangxu to preserve the looks of a woman.
  • Ni Xin Yu as Song Shenshu, third realm. Former of Ba Mountain Sword Academy, now Treasurer of the Library of Classics and Historical Records.

Min Mountain Sect[edit]

They use a special cultivation method that may cure or sustain Ding Ning's life.

  • Zong Feng Yan as Master Baili Suxue, brother of "this person". Zhangsun Qianxue knows him and she has been to the mountain before.
  • Xia Xing Ling as Jing Liuli, member and organizer of the trails

Green Vine Sword / White Goat Cave Sects[edit]

  • Li Guang Fu as Xue Wangxu, cave master of the White Goat Cave sect. Seventh realm of cultivation.
  • Gao Yi as Li Daoji, 2nd master of White Goat Cave.
  • Yang Zi Hua as Di Qingmei, master of the Green Vine Sword.
  • Jiang Jian as Duanmu Lian, 2nd master of the Green Vine Sword, master of ceremony of the Green Vine Sword trials.
  • Yuan Hang Ming as He Chaoxi, top student of Green Vine Sword
  • Liu Hai Lan as Xie Ruo, sister of Xie Changsheng. Daughter of a rich family. Pledged to marry Ding Ning if she lost a bet.
  • Liu Kai as Jiang Li, 1st Senior brother of White Goat Cave
  • Sun Shao Long as Sun Xing, 2nd Senior brother of White Goat Cave, who never treated Ding Ning with an open mind.
  • Chen Ting Xuan as Nangong Caishu, she and Ding Ning become good friends. Her family deals in magical medicines.
  • Xiao Xu as Xie Changsheng, a son of a rich family. He wants to be Ding Ning's brother in law as his sister Xie Ruo pledged to marry Ding Ning if she looses a bet.

Cloud Water Palace Sect[edit]

  • Zhang Wei Na as Bai Shanshui, Cloud Water Palace. Seventh realm of cultivation.
  • Feng Yang as Fan Zhuo, 5th realm of cultivation and trusted 2nd in command of what is left of the sect.

Sword Furnace Sect[edit]

This sect was of the conquered kingdom of Lie. Its members are lone rogues in the new Dynasty, plotting for revenge against the Emperor.

  • Wu Di as Zhao Zhan. 7th disciple of the sect and its top swordsman.
  • Liu Lu as Zhao Si. Fourth Master and legendary true disciple of the sect, attaining the 7th realm of cultivation.


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