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  • Title: チーム
  • Title (English): TEAM
  • Episodes: 11 plus three specials
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period:
Renzoku: 1999-Oct-13 to 1999-Dec-22
2-Hour SP: 2000-Nov-3
SP "TEAM2": 2001-Oct-5
SP "TEAM3": 2002-Sep-20
SP "TEAM4": 2003-Sep-26


Kazumi (Kusanagi) was sent to train under policeman Tanba (Nishimura) who was inclined to use violence. Together, they investigated juvenile crimes in each episode, while trying to accomodate to their different opinions. Slowly, Tanba began to recognise that Kazumi indeed had a talent in dealing with youths, while Kazumi learnt how to deal with criminals from Tanba. --Le Chateau de Jo


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