The Advisors Alliance

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  • Also known as: 军师联盟 / Jun Shi Lian Meng
  • Genre: Historical, political

Part 1

The Advisors Alliance
  • Title: 大军师司马懿之军师联盟 / Da Jun Shi Sima Yi Zhi Jun Shi Lian Meng
  • English title: The Advisors Alliance
  • Episodes: 42
  • Broadcast period: 2017-Jun-22 to 2017-Jul-14
  • Broadcast network: Jiangsu TV, Anhui TV
  • Air time: 19:30

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The drama chronicles the rise of Sima Yi, a politician in Three Kingdoms. During his early years, he intentionally hid his capabilities to avoid serving under Cao Cao, going as far as breaking his own legs. Then, the safety of his family forced him off the sideline to assist Cao Pi in his fight to be his father's successor. Serving under new crowned Emperor Cao Pi, he spearheaded a social reform to abolish clan-based feudalism, which made him a primary enemy of aristocratic Cao/Xiahou clans. Their campaign to drive a wedge between him and the Emperor succeeded in him being banished from the royal court.


Sima Family
State of Cao Wei

Part 2

The Advisors Alliance 2
  • Title: 虎啸龙吟 / Hu Xiao Long Yin
  • English title: Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon
  • Also known as: 军师联盟2 / Jun Shi Lian Meng 2; 军师联盟之虎啸龙吟 / Jun Shi Lian Meng Zhi Hu Xiao Long Yin
  • Episodes: 44
  • Broadcast period: 2017-Dec-08
  • Broadcast network: Youku


Sima Yi returned to the court with his influence on the State of Cao Wei stronger than ever. The war for dominance between Cao Wei and Shu Han was unavoidable. The final outcome came down to Sima Yi's strategic brilliance versus Zhuge Liang's tactical genius.


Sima Family
State of Cao Wei
State of Shu Han

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  • Filming period: 2016-Feb-13 to 2017-Jan-10
  • Filming location: Xiangshan, Hengdian, Beijing
  • Production period: 11 months (333 days)

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