The Big Boss

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  • Title: 班长大人 / Ban Zhang Da Ren
  • English title: The Big Boss
  • Genre: School, comedy
  • Episodes: Season one - 18 / Season two - 18
  • Broadcast network: QQ
  • Broadcast period: Season one 2017-Sep-08 / Season two 2017-Oct-13
  • Opening theme song: Qing Chun Shang Yan (青春上演) by Dai Jing Yao (戴景耀) and Eleanor Lee (李凯馨)
  • Ending theme song: Ni De Shen Ying (你的身影) by Eleanor Lee (李凯馨)


A slovenly underachieving student was looking forward to a laid-back high school life, free from the control of her overachieving, meticulous former class president/neighbor/overlord. Her hope was cruelly dashed when she found herself in the same class as him, yet again. To get out from under his thumb, she ran against him for class president, and won. But the demand of her new job was way over her head and sent her already hyperactive imagination into hilarious overdrive looking for creative solutions to her problems.


Production Credits

  • Original writing (Manga): Ban Zhang Da Ren (班长大人) by Chen Lan 陈岚, Chen Qian 陈茜
  • Producer: Li Er Yun 李尔云
  • Director: Shen Wen Shuai 沈文帅
  • Screenwriter: Wang Juan 王娟, Ding Ding 丁顶

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