The Ideal City

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The Ideal City


  • Title: 理想之城 / Li Xiang Zhi Cheng
  • English title: The Ideal City
  • Genre: Workplace, drama
  • Episodes: 50
  • Broadcast period: 2021


The story revolves around a cost engineer in an architecture firm and her growth journey.


Production Credits[edit]

  • Original Writing: Su Xiao De Zhan Zheng (苏筱的战争) by Ruo Hua Ran Ran (若花燃燃)
  • Director: Liu Jin
  • Screenwriter: Wu Zao Long (吴兆龙), Zhou Wei (周唯), Luo Hong (罗虹)
  • Producer: Zhao Wen Zhu (赵文竹)
  • Company: Transmit Entertainment, iQiyi, Hou Hai Culture, Hua Xia Brothers, Orange Image

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