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The King's Avatar


  • Title: 全职高手 / Quan Zhi Gao Shou
  • English title: The King's Avatar
  • Genre: Sports, Adventure, Fantasy, Action
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast network: Tencent
  • Broadcast period: 2019-Jul-24 to 2019-Aug-30
  • Air time:Thursday, Friday, Saturday


The series chronicle the fall and rise of Ye Xiu , a top-tier player of multiplayer online eSports game Glory.

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Actor Role ID Role Notes
Yang Yang
Huang Yi (young)
Ye Xiu Lord Grim (君莫笑) Unspecialized Former captain of Team Excellent Era. Current captain of Team Happy and the leader of the Chinese Glory Team.
He is known as the 'Glory Textbook', as well as one of the Four Master Tacticians.


Team Happy[edit]

Actor Role ID Role Notes
Jiang Shu Ying Chen Guo Chasing Haze (逐烟霞) Launcher Owner of Happy Internet Cafe and Boss of Team Happy
Li Mu Chen Tang Rou Soft Mist (寒烟柔) Battlemage Manager of Happy Internet Cafe.
Lai Yi Bao Rongxing Steamed Bun Invasion (包子入侵) Brawler A security guard Ye Xiu met online.
Fan Jin Wei Qiao Yifan One Inch Ash (一寸灰) Ghostblade A former sub player from the team Tiny Herb.
Sun Ning Luo Ji Concealed Light (昧光) Summoner A mathematical genius known for his analytical skills and meticulousness, but lacks experience in gaming.
Yang Ting Dong Mo Fan Deception (毁人不倦) Ninja A infamous scrap picker from the game.
Bai Xiang Wei Chen Windward Formation (迎风布阵) Warlock Former and very first Captain of Team Blue Rain.
An old player who wishes to recreate his former glory.
Song Han Yu Wu Chen Dawn Rifle (晓枪) Launcher A former player of Team Everlasting and the best launcher of the team.
After his team was eliminated by Team Happy, he joined Happy as their association president.
Li Jun Chen An Wenyi Little Cold Hands (小手冰凉) Cleric A former member of the 7th Branch Guild of Tyrannical Ambition, before being recruited by Ye Xiu to join Team Happy.

Team Excellent Era[edit]

Actor Role ID Role Notes
Lai Yu Meng Su Mucheng Dancing Rain (沐雨橙风) Launcher A beautiful lady who rose to be a professional Glory player through Ye Xiu's guidance. She is known as the best launcher player.
Liang Yi Mu Sun Xiang One Autumn Leaf (一叶之秋) Battlemage A former member of Team Conquering Clouds before he transfers to Team Excellent Era, and replaces Ye Xiu as captain of Team Excellent Era
Zhao Chu Lun Tao Xuan Battlemage Boss of Team Excellent Era.
He was a friend of Ye Xiu since the creation of the club but with time, their opinions clashed and he plotted to remove Ye Xiu.
Leng Ji Yuan Xiao Shiqin Life Extinguisher (生灵灭) Mechanic Former Captain of Team Thunderclap who transferred to Team Excellent Era. He is one of Four Master Tacticians.
Zhai Zi Lu Qiu Fei Combat Form (战斗格式) Battlemage Ye Xiu's loyal fan and disciple. He is loyal to Team Excellent Era and dedicates his effort to preserving and rebuilding the team.
Hao Shuai Chen Yehui Battlemage Guild leader of Excellent Era.

Team Blue Rain[edit]

Actor Role ID Role Notes
Gao Han Yu Yu Wenzhou Swoksaar (索克萨尔) Warlock Captain of Team Blue Rain, known as one of the Four Master Tacticians.
Jiang Long Huang Shaotian Troubling Rain (夜雨声烦) Blade Master Vice captain of Team Blue Rain. The top Blade Master user in the pro circuit.
Liu Qiu Shi Xu Boyuan Blue River (蓝河) Blade Master Member of Blue Brook Guild, and is known as one of the Five Great Experts within the guild and leader of the guild on the 10th Server.
Jiang Xue Ming Xi Zhou Bound Boat (系舟) Cleric Member of Blue Brook Guild. Friend and adviser to Xu Boyuan.

Team Tiny Herb[edit]

Actor Role ID Role Notes
Gu Yu Feng Wang Jiexi Vaccaria (王不留行) Witch Captain of Team Tiny Herb.
Chen Hong Zheng Gao Yingjie Kind Tree (木恩) Witch Future successor of Vaccaria.
Ji Xiang Ning Zhou Yebai Rangoon Creeper (使君子) Ghostblade Sub player of Team Tiny Herb.
Quan Pei Lun Che Qianzi Plantango Seed (车前子) Witch Guild leader of Herb G.

Team Tyranny[edit]

Actor Role ID Role Notes
Gu You Ming Han Wenqing Desert Dust (大漠孤烟) Striker Captain of Team Tyranny.
He is considered Ye Qiu's true rival in the professional scene.
Qu Hao Jun Zhang Xinjie Immovable Rock (石不转) Cleric Vice captain of Team Tyranny. He is one of the Four Master Tacticians.
Kuang Mu Ye Cold Night Cold Night (夜度寒潭) Knight Leader of Tyrannical Ambition on the 10th Server.

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