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The King: Eternal Monarch



In a parallel universe where a constitutional monarchy rules the nation, a palace plot leads to the assassination of the king by his half-brother. The coup is thwarted by the sudden appearance of a unknown person, who saves the life of the young heir to the throne, but drops a policewoman's ID tag on the scene. The treasonous prince then escapes to another world, using a piece of a stolen mystical artifact. Years later, still obsessed with finding the identity of his mysterious savior, the young king discovers the portal to the other world, crosses over, and finds the person he seeks there.


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Main Cast
Supporting Cast
  • Jun Bae Soo as Jung Do In (Tae Eul's father)
  • Seo Jung Yeon as Song Jung Hye (Lee Ji Hyun's mother)
  • Kim Yong Ji as Myung Na Ri (ROK) / Myung Seung Ah (Royal Public Affairs Office) (KOC)
  • Kang Hong Suk as Jang Michael (Violent Crimes Squad Three) (ROK) / Jang Mi Reuk (royal guard trainee) (KOC)
  • Lee Hae Young as Yoo Kyung Moo (Lee Rim's follower)
  • Hwang Young Hee as Min Hwa Yun (Kang Shin Jae's mother) (ROK) / Park Sook Jin (KOC)
  • Park So Jin as Jo Hae In (Kang Shin Jae's therapist) (ROK)
Seoul Jongo Police (Republic of Korea)
Imperial Household (Kingdom of Corea)
People around Prime Minster Goo (Kingdom of Corea)
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  • Each night's 70 minute episode is divided into two parts with a commercial break in between.

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