The Legend of Speed

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The Legend of Speed


  • Title: 極速傳説 (极速传说) / Chi Su Chuan Chuo (Ji Su Chuan Shuo)
  • English Title: The Legend of Speed
  • Genre: Sports, romance
  • Episodes: 22
  • Broadcast network: CTV
  • Broadcast period: 2004


Juliet (Rainie Yang) and Watanabe Tsukasa (Duncan) are lovers whose wedding was shattered by the arrival of Xiao Feng (Lee Wei). Feng's only option is to win the racing competition to win the heart of Juliet. Watanabe continuously sabotages Feng and Juliet's relationship, and Feng's relationship with his childhood sweetheart is also strained. The feud between the two families made Juliet and Feng into a modern day Juliet and Romeo, and they are forced to make a decision whether to give up their dreams...

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