The Lost Tomb

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The Lost Tomb


  • Title: 盗墓笔记 / Dao Mu Bi Ji
  • English title: The Lost Tomb
  • Also known as: Grave Robbers Chronicles, Grave Robbery Note
  • Genre: Mystery, supernatural, action, adventure, suspense
  • Episodes: 12
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2015-Jun-12 to 2015-Jul-03
  • Air time: Friday 20:00
  • Original soundtrack: The Lost Tomb OST
  • Related TV shows: see Dao Mu Bi Ji


Wu Xie, an antiques shop owner who is from a family of tomb raiders, sets out to find lost treasures and his family's past with the help of his friends.


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Main Cast
  • Li Yi Feng as Wu Xie, the descendant of the Wu family from mystic nine
  • Yang Yang as Zhang Qiling, the last generation of the Zhang family, his background still surrounded in mystery
  • Liu Tian Zuo as Wang Pangzi, a plump guy who love holding guns, who is at times reliable
  • Tiffany Tang as Ah Ning, Qiu De Kao's follower, smart and capable (dubbed by Ji Guan Lin)
  • Ken Chang as Wu Sansheng, Wu Xie's third uncle
  • Wei Wei as Pan Zi, Wu Sansheng's right-hand man
Supporting Cast
  • Li Chen Hao as High Shao, Wu Xie's friend who is an expert at advanced technology
  • Sun Yao Qi as Chen Chengcheng
  • Li Xin Liang as Liu Tai, Ah Ning's comrade
  • Xiao Bing as middle-aged boatman
  • Guo Jiu Long as Kang Bazu, the boatman friend
  • Wang Tian Ze as Xiao Wa, the village boy
  • Luo Mi as Xiao Cui, the innkeeper and Xiao Wa's older sister
  • Marco Li as Da Cheng, Huo family bodyguard
  • Cheng Pei Pei as Huo Xian Gu, the 7th master of mystic nine and Huo Xiu Xiu's grandmother
  • Ying Er as Huo Xiu Xiu, Wu Xie's childhood friend and heiress of the Huo family
  • Zhang Xiao Chen as Jie Yu Chen, Wu Xie's childhood friend and the current head of Jie family (dubbed by Zhang Jie)
  • Xu Ai Min as Dong Zi, Ah Ning's comrade
  • Sun Xiao Fan (孙晓凡) as Xiao Qi, Ah Ning's comrade
  • Lao Tai (老太) as Huang Wei
  • Ma Jie as middle-aged man
  • Kris Bole as Cox Hendry / Qiu De Kao, Ah Ning's boss
People in Western Zhou Dynasty

Production Credits[edit]

  • Original writing (novel): Dao Mu Bi Ji (盜墓筆記) Grave Robbers' Chronicle by Nan Pai San Shu
  • Producer: H&R Century Pictures
  • Director: Zheng Bao Rui
  • Screenwriter: Bai Yi Cong, Nan Pai San Shu
  • Company: H&R Century Pictures, Nanjing Avenue Xingzhi Cultural Media, Hangzhou Nanpai Investment Management, Enlight Media, Shangzhong Pictures, iQIYI


  • 2016 4th iQiYi All-Stars Carnival:
    • Popular Actor of the Year - Yang Yang
    • Drama of the Year
  • 2015 6th Macau International Television Festival: Outstanding Web Drama
  • 2015 7th China TV Drama Awards:
    • Most Influential Actor in the Media - Yang Yang
    • Actress with the Most Media Appeal - Tiffany Tang
    • Best Web Series
  • 2015 3rd iQiYi All-Stars Carnival: Most Anticipated Web Drama


  • It is one of the most watched web drama of 2015 with over 2.8 billion views.
  • Filming took place in Tibet and Beijing.
  • Filming ended on November 26, 2014.
  • In 2016, Tencent Penguin Pictures and H&R Century Pictures announced a collaboration for a season 2.
  • An estimated amount of RMB 60 million was invested.
  • It follows book 1 of Nan Pai San Shu's 9 book novel.
  • According to writers, this drama is a prequel to The Lost Tomb 2: Explore with the Note and a sequel to The Mystic Nine.
  • In the novel, Wu Xie is the owner of an antique store. But in the series, he is an overseas returnee who studied at a German University and returned to China to return an antique to the country. The rest of the team also became "protectors of the antique" instead of a "tomb-raiding team".
  • The characters High Shao and Chen Cheng Cheng do not appeared in the original novel series.

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