The Lost Tomb 2: Explore with the Note

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The Lost Tomb 2: Explore with the Note


  • Title: 盗墓笔记之怒海潜沙&秦岭神树 / Dao Mu Bi Ji Zhi Nu Hai Ti Sha & Qin Ling Shen Shu
  • English title: The Lost Tomb 2: Explore with the Note
  • Also known as: The Lost Tomb 2: The Wrath of the Sea, The Lost Tomb 2: Sands in the Raging Sea & Qinling's Sacred Tree
  • Genre: Mystery, supernatural, action, adventure, suspense
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast network: Tencent
  • Broadcast period: 2019-Jun-06 to 2019-Jul-19
  • Air time: Thursday to Saturday 20:00 (2 episodes a day)
  • Original soundtrack: The Lost Tomb 2: Explore with the Note OST
  • Related TV series: see Dao Mu Bi Ji


After receiving a mysterious note concerning his missing uncle, Wu Xie puts together an intrepid group of young adventurers to search a ship wreck in the stormy waters near the North Reef of the South China Sea. There, they encounter a whole world of sea-bound menaces, including fearsome ghouls, haunted ghost ships, sea monsters, un-dead warriors, and armies of flesh-eating zombies.


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Main Cast
  • Hou Ming Hao as Wu Xie, the descendant of the Wu family from mystic nine
  • Cheng Yi as Zhang Qiling, the last generation of the Zhang family, his background still surrounded in mystery
  • Li Man as Ah Ning, Qiu De Kao's follower, smart and capable
  • Zhang Bo Yu as Wang Pangzi, a plump guy who love holding guns, who is at times reliable
Supporting Cast
Xisha Archeologist Team
Creature in Catacombs
People at Huo family household
  • Si Qin Gao Wa as Huo Xian Gu, the 7th master of Mystic Nine and Huo Xiu Xiu's grandmother
  • Yuan Min as Huo Lao Si, Huo Xiu Xiu's uncle
  • Chen Xu Ming as Huo Housekeeper
People around Jie Yu Chen
People in the Era of Imperialism
People in the snow village
People around Chen Pi A Si
Guest Appearance

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