The Love Lasts Two Minds

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The Love Lasts Two Minds


  • Title: 两世欢 / Liang Shi Huan
  • English title: The Love Lasts Two Minds
  • Genre: Historical, romance, mystery
  • Episodes: 36
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Feb-21
  • Original soundtrack: The Love Lasts Two Minds OST


Yuan Qingli is the daughter of a general who was attacked by bandits on her way to a nunnery. After waking up from her coma, the now amnesiac noble lady undergoes a 180-degree personality shift. Qingli escapes an arranged marriage by cross dressing and working as a constable at Qinhe, where she meets Jingci, the adopted son of the Prince of Zhao.

Jingci is responsible for escorting his childhood sweetheart Feng Mianwan to a neighbouring kingdom to cement political relations, and is ambushed along the way. Saved by loyal followers, he returns to his kingdom under a new identity, and works with the heroine to unravel Zhu Yougui’s political conspiracy.


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Correlation Chart
God-son of Prince Zhao; son of the Yong Emperor. He is conferred the title of "Duke of Liang", and became a magistrate at Qinhe.
Feng Mianwan: An orphan who was raised by Jing Ci. She took on the identity of Yuan Qingli after the former disappeared, with her memories wiped by Jing Ci. She then becomes a constable at Qinhe.
Yuan Qingli: Daughter of a general. Feng Mianwan's twin sister. She swapped identities with Feng Mianwan to be together with her lover, Li Yuan.
Son of Prince He. Yuan Qingli's fiancee.
Shadow guard of the Liang Emperor. A skilled physician.
God-daughter of the Yong Emperor. She likes Zhao Yan.
Minister of Yong kingdom. Jing Ci's cousin, Qing Li's close friend. A gentleman who is well-versed in arts, but is often teased for being a bookworm.
Zuo Yanxi's junior sister and lover
Yong kingdom
  • Shao Bing as Emperor of Yong Kingdom
  • Wang Guan as Prince Ye, the fourth prince. Close friend of Mu Beiyan and Zhao Yan
  • Du Jun Ze as Prince Hao (De Ming)
  • Wang Bo Qing as Prince He, father of Mu Beiyan
  • Huang Wen Bin (黄文斌) as Prince Qing
  • Lin Jing as Madame Yuan, Yuan Qingli's mother. Old lover of the Emperor.
  • Cheng Shi Yu as Elder Princess Consort
  • Wang Yu as Xiao Lu, Yuan Qingli's personal attendant
  • Bi Meng Ge as Fu Xiaohan, a shadow guard responsible for protecting Jing Ci
  • Zhao Kang Wei as Xiao Xiao, Mu Beiyan's subordinate
  • Ruo Yu (若榆) as Yun Duo, Chang Le's personal attendant
  • Jiang Yang as Nian Qi, housekeeper of Yuan manor
  • Guo Yu Ting (郭雨婷) as Zhu Hongyu, subordinate of Prince He
  • Niu Hao Ran (牛浩然) as Xiao Zhuzi
People at Qin He
Zhao Continent
  • Huang Hai Bing as King of Zhao
  • Ding Ke Er as Wang Zesheng, daughter of King Zhao. She has a crush on Jing Ci and dislikes Feng Mianwan.
  • Yao Yi Tian as Aunt Zhi Xia, maid of Jing Ci. She hates Feng Mianwan and often picks on her
  • Yan Yi Min as Head Attendant Wei Shun
  • Cong Jian Zhang as A Heng, Jing Ci's bodyguard
Ji Kingdom
  • Qi Ling as Li Yuan, general of Zhao Continent. Yuan Qingli's lover.

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