The Mysteries of Love

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The Mysteries of Love


  • Title: 談情說案 / 谈情说案
  • Cantonese/Mandarin title: Tam Ching Shuet On / Tan Qing Shuo An
  • English title: The Mysteries of Love
  • Previously known as: Shall We State the Case
  • Genre: Mystery, Romance
  • Episodes: 24
  • Broadcast network: TVB
  • Broadcast period: 2010-Jun-28 - 2010-Jul-25
  • Air time: Monday to Friday 21:30 - 22:30
  • Opening/Ending theme song: Until You Can't Find Me (直到你不找我) by Raymond Lam


This is a love story between a professor and a policewoman. Their dating experience is enhanced with sense and sensibility through the application of interesting physics theories on the investigation of various crime cases.

KING POK (Raymond Lam) is regarded as the youngest genius in physics and he is appointed as an associate professor in a Hong Kong university. Invited by his good friend LO TIN-HANG (Kenneth Ma), Senior Inspector of Police at Regional Crime Unit, POK assists in cracking many mysterious crime cases and he also meets the policewoman CHUI SIU-LAI (Tavia Yeung) during the process. The rational POK evaluates that he has fallen in love with LAI because of a love hormone called “phenylalanine”. However, owing to the huge difference in their family background and life value, POK fails to tackle their ever-changing relationship problems with formulas.

On the other hand, the romantic and uninhibited HANG has been maintaining a sex only relationship with the journalist LING MAN-KA (Bernice Liu) HANG doesn't believe in eternity and he is only looking for sensual pleasure in a woman. However, his belief is suddenly shattered when he learns that MAN is going to get married.

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Viewership Ratings[edit]

Week Episodes Date Hong Kong Guangzhou
Average Peak Municipal % Provincial %
1 01-05 2010-May-24 - 2010-May-28 31 33 4.93 (2nd) 3.38 (6th)
2 06-09 2010-May-31 - 2010-Jun-03 30 33 HOLIDAYS NO RATING
3 10-14 2010-Jun-07 - 2010-Jun-11 30 36 5.22 (3rd) 4.32 (6th)
4 15-19 2010-Jun-14 - 2010-Jun-18 32 36 6.54 (1st) 4.11 (5th)
5 20-24 2010-Jun-21 - 2010-Jun-25 35 40 7.02 (2nd) 4.59 (6th)

Source: CSM Media Research

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