The Perfect Match

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The Perfect Match


  • Title: 極品絕配 (极品绝配) / Chih Pin Chueh Pei (Ji Pin Jue Pei)
  • English title: The Perfect Match
  • Also known as: Yes!女王 / Yes! Nu Wang
  • Genre: Romance, comedy, food
  • Episodes: 22
  • Broadcast network: SETTV
  • Broadcast period: 2017-Mar-03 to 2017-Jul-28
  • Air time: 22:00
  • Opening theme song: Wei Ai Er Ai (為愛而愛) by Gu Gu 鼓鼓
  • Ending theme song: Jia Jia Jiu (家家酒) by Jia Jia 家家


A culinary challenge between a night market food vendor and a Michelin chef led to the former to work as an apprentice in the chef's kitchen for 7 days. Wei Fen Qing is to learn and recreate Huo Ting En's famous dish within that time frame to win the challenge. But a lot of things can change in 7 days, especially with the matter of the heart.

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