The Princess is A Cat

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The Princess is A Cat


  • Title: 报告王爷,王妃是只猫 / Baogao wangye wangfei shi zhi mao
  • English title: The Princess is A Cat
  • Genre: Historical, romance, fantasy, comedy
  • Episodes:
  • Broadcast network:
  • Broadcast period: 2020


The story follows a girl named Mi Xiaoqi who lives in the Cloud World. After she accidentally open a sachet given by the Wine immortal, she travels to Beiyue Kingdm of Kunpeng Continent and becomes a big fat cat. She encounters the Prince of Bei Yue, Beigong Yan and using his blood, manages to regain her human form. However, she receives an an edict from the Wine immortal, saying that she has to find her fated one and make him fall in love with you. She mus also gather four pieces of the magical jade before being allowed to go back to Cloud World. Thus begin a journey filled with laughter and love.

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Production Credits[edit]

  • Original writing: Baogao wangye wangfei shi zhi mao (报告王爷,王妃是只猫) by Yun Zhongyue (云中月)
  • Director: Tan You Ye (谭友业)
  • Screenwriter: Wang Xiao Cui (王晓翠)
  • Producer: Gong Mei Hui (宫美惠)
  • Company: A-Rings Film

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