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Mother of Kings


  • Title: 母仪天下 / Mu Yi Tian Xia
  • English title: Mother of Kings
  • Genre: Historical, Romance, Period
  • Episodes: 33
  • Broadcast network: CCTV-1
  • Opening theme song: 片尾曲: 《在水一方》


During the Western Han Dynasty, Wang Zheng Jun enters the palace during the reign of Emperor Liu Shi, as a lady in waiting. With her are four other ladies in waiting, Fu Yao, Li Yuan Er, Wang Zhao Jun, and Feng Yuan who all become friends. There she meets Xia Yu (Victor Huang) a young musician who flirts with every girl there but suddenly falls in love with her. Their love is forbidden of course so Xiao Yu decides to leave. Years pass and Wang June is now Empress and has a son with the Emperor. Fu Yao has also a son with the Emperor and, being a shamless schemer, conspires with Wang Jun's enemies to put her son on the throne. Xiao Yu is recalled back to the capital to be a tutor to the Imperial Princes. There he will find himself in the middle of the intrigues and treachery of the Imperial Court, especially Fu Yao's. And he still loves Wang Jun. What will be the outcome of all that?

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  • Yuan Li as Wang Jun
  • Victor Huang as Xiao Yu
  • Sang Ye Hong as Fu Yao - Has a vendetta with Wang Jun. Enters the palace alongside Wang Jun
  • Sun Qian as Feng Yuan
  • Wu Jun as Emperor Liu Shi
  • Xie Fang as Empress Dowager
  • Shi Xiao Qun as Li Yuan Er/ Li Mei Ren - Li Mei Ren died after a miscarriage. Her niece, Li Yuan Er, enters the palace alongside Wang Jun
  • Tong Li Ya as Zhao Feiyan

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