The Rise of Phoenixes

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The Rise of Phoenixes


  • Title: 天盛长歌 / Tian Sheng Chang Ge
  • English title: The Rise of Phoenixes
  • Also known as: 凰权·弈天下 / Huang Quan Yi Tian Xia
  • Genre: Historical, political
  • Episodes: 56 / 70
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Broadcast period: 2018-Aug-14 to 2018-Sep-16
  • Air time: 19:30
  • Original soundtrack: The Rise of Phoenixes OST


The story of the fictional kingdom Tian Sheng, born from a conquest of Greater Cheng (Da Cheng) with the support of the powerful Chang family. As a reward, the head of the Chang family was given the Min Stronghold (Min Zhai) and title Duke of Min, retaining a lot of political power and abusing Min Zhai's citizens. The Jinshi are a nomadic tribe to the North of Tian Sheng, ruled by the Helian clan. Da Cheng, Tian Sheng and Jinshi were once part of Greater Yue and some look to restore its former glory.

The story starts with Ning Yi, the 6th prince, being released from captivity after 18 years, who is then betrothed to Colonel Qiu Shaiqi's daughter. However her place is taken by Feng Zhiwei, the Colonel's niece as her birth card is a more favourable match. Ning Yi is intrigued by her sharp mind and as he starts his plot to avenge his brother Ning Qiao and his mother Ya Le, Zhiwei's fate becomes entangled with his. She dislikes his vengeful character, admires his intelligence, does not like to be part of a clique and yet his sense of justice often forces her to his side. As they navigate the political currents in this ocean of secrets, loyalties and schemes, their bond intensifies and yet - so do their differences.

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Princes and Princess

  • Hai Yi Tian as Ning Chuan, Crown Prince
  • Shi An as Ning Sheng, second prince
  • Shao Tong as Ning Yan, fifth prince, simple minded and easily manipulated. Gets himself killed when he becomes convinced he's the true heir to the throne.
  • Qu Gao Wei as Ning Qi, seventh prince, spent ten years at the border as a military commander. Shy at first, but soon unveils his ambition.
  • Wang Kai Yi as Ning Ji, tenth prince, youngest son. Kind hearted and keeping himself out of the fight of the throne.
  • Xu Hao as Princess Shaoning, the Emperor's daughter, doted on by the Crown Prince. Becomes vindictive, when the Crown Prince is killed but also regards Zhiwei as a trust worthy person, often putting her in conflict with her good nature.

Tian Sheng

People with Ning Yi

  • He Lei as Ning Cheng, Ning Yi's Imperial Bodyguard and friend
  • Song Jia Yang as Ning Qing, Ning Yi's bodyguard, reporting to Ning Cheng
  • Liu Yun as Man Chun, Ning Yi's maid
  • Wang Jia Qi as Zhu Yin, proprietor of the capital's most prestigious house of entertainment. Wronged by the fall out of Ning Chuan's scheme to kill his brother Ning Qiao.
  • Luan Yuan Hui as Chen Shao, leader of the pirates that disrupt peace in Min Zhai, which are really disgruntled citizens opposing the cruel rule of Chang Yuan. Helps Ning Yi impeach Chang
  • Rong Fei as Wu Ying, a Eunuch assigned to Ning Yi by the Emperor to spy on him, but he quickly turns to Ning Yi's side after Ning Yi gives him the opportunity to choose, what to report to Official Zhao.
  • Chi Peng as Aunt Ling Ying, maid that helped raise Ning Yi. He only liked her snacks.

People with Zhiwei

  • Bai Jing Ting as Gu Nanyi, secret member of Bloody Pagoda, highly skilled in martial arts, trained under Master Zhong. Becomes Zhiwei's body guard.
  • Xu Jian as Yan Huaishi, scholar from a wealthy trading family, who aligns himself with Zhiwei and becomes her confidant.
  • Wang Ou as Hua Qiong, daughter of a family who fell victim to the Duke of Min and aligned herself with Ning Yi and Zhiwei to avenge her family. Becomes Zhiwei's best friend.

Palace / Officials

  • Hou Yan Song as Official Zhao, head eunuch
  • Qin Yan as Grand Secretary Yao Ying, the senior of the officials and one with the most influence with the emperor. Becomes Ning Yi's ally in his plot to overthrow the Chang family.
  • Wang Ce as Gu Yan, head of the imperial guards
  • Ma Wei Fu as Imperial Physician Zhang, Ning Chan coerces him into giving him access to his father's medical records.
  • Jiang Zhong Wei as Imperial Physician
  • Sun Yan as Imperial Physician Quan
  • Tang Xu as Imperial Physician Lu
  • Jerry Chang as Peng Pei, Minister of Justice, corrupt official and aligned with the Chang family.
  • Zhang Zhi Zhong as Xu Qi Rui, Minister of Rites, blackmailed by Ning Sheng and therefore his follower and advisor
  • Cao Lei as Prison Head of the Capital's prison.

The Imperial Harem

  • Yu Ming Jia as Imperial Consort Chang, leader of the Imperial Harem after her sister the Empress died. Mother of Ning Sheng and Ning Chuang. Sister of Chang Yuan.
  • Wang Ou Lei as Lady Wang, mother of Ning Qi
  • Mei Ting as Ya Le, Ning Yi's mother and the one woman the Emperor truly loved.
  • Yu Li as Zi Yin, a servant of Lady Wang, but really Imperial Consort Chang's spy
  • Sui Yu Meng as Yao Yang Ci, daughter of Grand Secretary Yao Ying, Ning Sheng wants to marry her to strengthen his position, which was a plot by his mother.
  • Zhang Xin Ying as Hua Gong Mei, wants to marry Ning Yi

Qingming Academy

  • Hu Ke as Da Hua, Academy Director Xin Ziyan's wife. A "little" jealous, but very loving.
  • Chen Si Si as Er Hua, Da Hua's younger sister
  • Mao Yi as Yao Yangyu, Yao Ying's unruly son, who is Xingming Academy's brightest student (before Feng Zhiwei entered the academy)
  • Liu Hao Yan as Chunyu Meng, son of Tian Sheng's First General

Qiu / Feng Family

  • Lu Yong as Qiu Shangqi, colonel and leader of the Imperial Infantry. Aligns himself with whoever would give him the greatest advantage.
  • Yang Zi Yan as Lady Qiu, Qiu Shanqi's wife
  • Xu Ge as Qiu Yuluo, Qiu Shanqi's daughter. Not the smartest cookie in the jar, yet arrogant and unruly and therefore often target of Zhiwei and her brother.
  • Liu Min Tao as Qiu Mingying / Lady Feng, mother of Feng Zhiwei, widow of Gu Heng, previous leader of Bloody Pagoda
  • Chang Long as Feng Hao, Qiu Mingying's biological son and Zhiwei's "twin brother".
  • Deng Sha as Fifth Aunt Yuhua, 5th concubine of Qiu SHangqi, close to Lady Qiu, suspects there's something fishy with the Feng children's identity and gets herself killed trying to find out the truth.

Chang Family / Minzhai

  • Yin Zhu Sheng as Chang Yuan, Duke of Minzhai, a stronghold in a coastal region, which he ruled to serve his own wealth and prestige. Head of the Chang family who helped found Tian Sheng and put the Emperor in his seat.
  • Xu Wei as Chang Hai, younger brother of Chang Yuan and Ning Chuan's main strategist.
  • Cui You Bin as Chang Zhong Yi, eldest son of Chang Yuan
  • Dai Xu as Chang Zhong Xin, Chang Yuan's second son, who plays stupid, but is manipulating his impulsive elder brother.
  • Yang Kai Cheng as Chang Zhong Li
  • Yang Hao Yu as Minister Zhou Xi Zhong, minister in the Minzhai government

Da Cheng / Bloody Pagoda

  • Tan Kai as Emperor of Da Cheng
  • Zhang Ding Han as Empress of Da Cheng
  • Liu Hai Bo as Zhangsun Hong, 4th prince of Da Cheng, now living as Sun Hong, an enforcer for an illegal slave market.
  • Xiu Qing as Master Zong Chen, Gu Yan's mentor and Qiu Mingying's advisor. One of the current leaders of Bloody Pagoda, posing as headmaster of a private school.
  • Hei Zi as Gu Heng, Qiu Mingying's husband and previous leader of Bloody Pagoda
  • Qu Guo Qiang as Old Stablehand, leader of the defected Bloody Pagoda under the Crown Prince's control. Works as a stable hand in Qingming Academy
  • Kang Fu Zhen as young Stablehand, son of the old Stablehand, born 18 years ago as Da Cheng was conquered. Feng Zhi Wei makes Princess Shao Ning apologize to him and in return he saves Feng Zhiwei's life.
  • Zhu Rui as Yueling, later Consort Qing. Former lover of Da Cheng's crown prince Zhangsun Huong.

Ling Shi Tribe

Aside from the royal Helian family, there are two power families in Ling Shi: Liu and Si. The Si employ a guild of highly trained assassins.

  • Zhang Xiao Chen as Helian Zheng, Prince of the Ling Shi tribe
  • Zhou Kui as Helian Lie, paternal uncle of Helian Zheng who killed his brother to obtain the throne.
  • Qin Yong as San Sun, a general of the Jinshi tribe, part of Prince Helian Zheng's entourage when he visits the Tian Sheng capital.
  • Li Jing Jing as Liu Mudan, Queen Dowager of the Jinshi tribe, Helian Zheng's foster mother after his real mother died.
  • Lu Xia as Liu Mei Duo, younger sister of Liu Mudan, formerly engaged to Si Yin Lun, former lover of Helian Zheng. Sides with Helian Lie after Zheng rejects her.
  • Zheng Yu as Si Xian, current patriarch of the Si family. Imprisoned years ago.
  • Dai Wen Wen as Si Yin Le, youngest and crafty daughter of the Si family.

Kingdom of Yue

Origin of Ning Yi's mother Ya Le and home to a school of sorceresses, crafty in both poisons and perfumes called Sunset Tribe.

  • Yuan Hong as Jin Siyu, Prince of An, 3rd Prince of the Kingdom of Yue
  • Xu Shao Ying as Guo Jun, Imperial Bodyguard of Prince of An
  • Shen Xiao Hai as Zhan Bi, former spy of Yue, former lover of Ning Yi's mother Ya Le. Now advisor to Helian Zheng.
  • Cai Ya Tong as Jia Rong, one of the few remaining members of the Sunset Tribe.


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  • Filming period: 2017-May-27 to 2017-Dec-9
  • Production period: 7 months (197 days)

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