The Road: Tragedy of One

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The Road: Tragedy of One


  • Title: 더 로드: 1의 비극 / Deo Rodeu: Ileui Bigeuk
  • Also known as: The Tragedy of One, Birth of a Tragedy
  • Genre: Mystery, thriller, drama
  • Episodes: 12
  • Broadcast Network: tvN
  • Broadcast period: 2021-Aug-04 to 2021-Sep-09
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:30
  • Original Soundtrack: The Road: Tragedy of One OST


The night of heavy rain. A terrible and tragic event takes place. Secrets intertwined with silence, avoidance and thread lead to another tragedy. A sense of guilt faced by people who are lost, standing at the end of the road, and those who are off the road. This is the story of a mystery drama about salvation.

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Main Cast
  • Ji Jin Hee as Baek Soo Hyun (45, BSN News night anchor)
  • Yoon Se Ah as Seo Eun Soo (42, a popular miniature artist)
  • Kim Hye Eun as Cha Seo Young (42, BSN late night news anchor)
  • Chun Ho Jin as Seo Ki Tae (65, Chairman of Jekang Group)
  • Ahn Nae Sang as Choi Nam Kyu (55, CEO of a large investment firm)
  • Kim Sung Soo as Shim Suk Hoon (45, a detective)
  • Kang Sung Min as Oh Jang Ho (41, a documentary director)
Royal the Hill
  • Kang Kyung Hun as Bae Kyung Suk (45, President of Jekang Cultural Foundation)
  • Kim Roe Ha as Hwang Tae Sup (60, 4th term National Assembly member)
  • Ha Min (하민) as Yang Sung Ja (55, the planning director of Jekang Cultural Foundation)
  • Jo Sung Joon (조성준) as Seo Jung Wook (22, son of Seo Ki Tae & Bae Kyung Sook)
  • Lee Seo (이 서) as Choi Se Ra (21, daughter of Choi Nam Kyu)
  • Kim Min Joon (김민준) as Baek Yun Woo (12, son of Baek Soo Hyun & Seo Eun Soo)
  • Nam Ki Won as Choi Joon Young (12, son of Choi Nam Kyu & Cha Seo Young)
Press people
  • Baek Ji Won as Kwon Yeo Jin (49, director of BSN's news agency)
  • Oh Yong as Kang Jae Yul (45, news night producer)
  • Joo Ye Eun (주예은) as Park Moon Hwa (33, news night reporter)
Supporting casts

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