The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty

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The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty


  • Title: 成化十四年 / Cheng Hua Shi Si Nian
  • English title: The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty
  • Genre: Historical, mystery
  • Episodes: 48
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Apr-01
  • Original soundtrack: The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty OST


The story revolves around a sixth grade prefecture judge and a member of the imperial secret police who join hands to solve crimes, unraveling the political schemes behind these cases and maintaining peace and order for the people.


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A sixth grade prefecture judge of Shun Tian Magistrate Manor. He is optimistic, kind and known for being a glutton.
A sixth-grade imperial secret police (jinyiwei). He is a good cook and a skilled fighter.
Duke of Xi Chang. Confidante of Wan Zhen'er. He is known for being both merciless yet upright.
Royal family
People around Tang Fan
  • Huangyang Tian Tian as Dong'er, a maidservant who delivers food to Tang Fan and later follows him. She is highly intelligent and analytical despite her young age. She likes Sui Zhou.
  • Mao Yi as Pei Huai, a skilled physician. Tang Fan's close friend. He likes Tang Yu.
  • He Nan as Duo Erla, an Oirat girl who clashes with Tang Fan and later befriends him. She came to the Capital in search of her long-lost lover.
  • Pan Shi Qi as Tang Yu, Tang Fan's sister. She was married to an abusive husband, but got a divorce and later get together with Pei Huai.
  • Lu Jin Hao as He Cheng, Tang Yu's son and Tang Fan's nephew
  • La Mu Yang Zi as Dong Gu, owner and chef of Dong Ji restaurant
  • Zhang Yi Long as Wu Yun Bulage (Wu Yun), Duo Erla's follower. He is knowledgeable about weaponry and horses.
People around Sui Zhou
  • Xiong Xiong as Xue Ling, Sui Zhou's subordinate. An imperial secret police.
People around Wang Zhi
  • Yu Ming Xuan as Ding Rong, Wang Zhi's subordinate
  • Steve Yoo as Jia Kui, a former Baihu soldier who was captured by Sui Zhou and works for Wang Zhi
  • Wei Yun Xi as Mother Cui, manager of Huanyi Brothel
Leader of Bai Yue Sect. Descendant of the royal family of the previous dynasty. He aims to stage a coup.
  • Liu Bin as Shang Ming, Duke of Dong Chang
  • Chen Wei Xu as Wan Tong, head of Jinyiwei guards. Wan Zhen'er's brother.
  • Gao Lan Cun as Wan An, Chief Grand Secretary. Ally of Li Zilong.
  • Cao Yang as Pan Bin, prefecture judge of Shun Tian Magistrate Manor. Tang Fan's senior.
  • Qu Ge as Lao Sun, coroner at Shun Tian Magistrate Manor
  • Qian Ru Fu as Lu Zhi, magistrate of Tong Zhou (later Yun He)
  • Chen Meng Yao as Feng Qingzi, a courtesan at Huanyi Brothel
  • Gong Zi Qi as Lin Chaodong, Feng Qingzi's lover
  • Zhang Zhong Xing (张仲兴) as Zheng Ying, Duke of Hou An
  • Luo Mao Yang (罗茂阳) as Zheng Cheng, elder son of the Hou An Manor. A wanton playboy. He was killed by Zheng Ying.
  • Zhou Hang as Zheng Zhi, second son of the Hou An Manor. He killed Zheng Cheng, as he felt that he is an embarrassment to the family name.
  • Yang Chang Qing as Liu Xiang, head eunuch. He killed Han Zao in an attempt to frame Royal Consort Wan.
  • Shi Di Wen (史迪文) as Han Zao, the crown prince's study companion
  • Shang Cheng Jun (尚城君) as Huang Jinglong, magistrate of Ji An City. He is known for his cruel and harsh punishments, resulting in the death of many prisoners.
  • Yu Yang as Huang Ying, Huang Jinglong's subordinate
  • Liu Yao Yuan as Yang Fu, a criminal captured by Huang Jinglong that looks identical to Wang Zhi.
  • Lu Zhan Xiang as Nie Ping, a boy that was jailed for stealing money to buy medicine for his mother
  • Gao Jian as Chen Xu, a general guarding the borders. Known for his uprightness and fierce loyalty to the country
  • Dong Li Wu You as Xiao Niqiu, leader of the beggar children. Helps Wang Zhi in gathering intelligence.
  • Tang Zi Yue as Xiao Chizi, one of the beggar children. Helps Wang Zhi in gathering intelligence.
  • Yu Yuan as Yu Zhengpeng, elder son of Yu family. A general. He hated Wang Zhi as he believed he caused the death of his father.
  • Lin Xu as Yu Zhenglin, second son of Yu family. A minister. He tried to turn the citizens against Wang Zhi as he thought he killed his family
  • Yuan Qiao as Yu Xiulian, daughter of Yu family. She admires Sui Zhou, whom she was almost betrothed to.
  • Chu Tian Shu (楚天舒) as Zhang Degui (Chef Zhang), chef of Yu family. He has a secret crush on Yu Xiulian and after failing to have his feelings reciprocated, killed the entire Zhang family.
  • Zhao Yang as Zhu Jianmou, a prince who often helps out the needy and is known as "Great Kind Person". However, he is actually a serial murderer who kills foreign young girls and dig out their heart, due to having being betrayed by his lover.
  • Shi Da Biao (石大髦) as Qian Tai, a tea merchant who trafficks children
  • Lu Lin as He Lin, Tang Yu's abusive husband
  • Li Li Qun as Ma Lin, the wealthiest merchant of Yun He who is is in charge of the silver mines. Subordinate of Li Zilong.
  • Yang Huan as Li Mao, a scholar who is concerned about the welfare of mine workers
  • Yang Tun as Ma Yuancong, Ma Lin's son
  • Ge Xing Jia as Ma Rufu, housekeeper of Ma manor
  • Zhang Yue (张岳) as Er Tao, leader of the mine workers
  • He Zi Ming as Li Fei, a former soldier. He impersonated Sui Zhou, using his name to rob the officials and distribute the money to the poor.
  • Yan Wei Liang as Li You, Li Fei's subordinate
  • Zhang Bai Jia as Qing Ge, a famous courtesan. Li Zilong's god-daughter, who is planted as a mole in Huanyi Brothel.
  • Hu Xiao (胡潇) as Sun Da, an official guarding the ice house
  • Li Yuan Yuan (李元元) as Jin Sanniang, seller of ice in the black market. Descendant of a family who helped build the palace's secret tunnels.
  • Shu Ya Xin as Alasi / Ding Man, an Oirat spy sent to the palace as an eunuch. Duo Erla's lover.
  • Jiang Feng as Gao Yi, an accomplished general who was captured by the Oirats while protecting the former Emperor
  • Jia Shu Yi as Madame Gao, Gao Yi's wife

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