The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty

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The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty


  • Title: 成化十四年 / Cheng Hua Shi Si Nian
  • English title: The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty
  • Genre: Historical, mystery, detective
  • Episodes: 48
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Apr-01
  • Original soundtrack: The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty OST


The story revolves around a sixth grade prefecture judge and a member of the imperial secret police who join hands to solve crimes, unraveling the political schemes behind these cases and maintaining peace and order for the people.


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A sixth grade prefecture judge of Shun Tian Magistrate Manor. He is optimistic, kind and known for being a glutton.
A sixth-grade imperial secret police (jinyiwei). He is a good cook and a skilled fighter.
Duke of Xi Chang. Confidante of Wan Zhen'er. He is known for being both merciless yet upright.
Royal family
People around Tang Fan
  • Huangyang Tian Tian as Dong'er, a maidservant who delivers food to Tang Fan and later follows him. She is highly intelligent and analytical despite her young age. She likes Sui Zhou (voiced by He Guan Nan)
  • Mao Yi as Pei Huai, a skilled physician. Tang Fan's close friend. He likes Tang Yu
  • He Nan as Duo Erla, an Oirat girl who clashes with Tang Fan and later befriends him. She came to the Capital in search of her long-lost lover (voiced by Xu Jia Qi)
  • Pan Shi Qi as Tang Yu, Tang Fan's sister. She was married to an abusive husband, but got a divorce and later get together with Pei Huai
  • Lu Jin Hao as He Cheng, Tang Yu's son and Tang Fan's nephew
  • La Mu Yang Zi as Dong Gu, owner and chef of Dong Ji restaurant
  • Zhang Yi Long as Wu Yun Bulage (Wu Yun), Duo Erla's follower. He is knowledgeable about weaponry and horses
People around Sui Zhou
People around Wang Zhi
Li Zilong and allies
Leader of Bai Yue Sect. Descendant of the royal family of the previous dynasty. He aims to stage a coup for revenge
  • Liu Bin as Shang Ming, Duke of Dong Chang
  • Chen Wei Xu as Wan Tong, head of Jinyiwei guards. Wan Zhen'er's brother
  • Gao Lan Cun as Wan An, Chief Grand Secretary. Ally of Li Zilong (voiced by Liu Cong)
  • Yang Jun Chao as Öštemür (A Shi Tie Mu Er), an Oirat Khagan who wants to overthrow the Ming Dynasty (voiced by Ao Lei)
Shun Tian Magistrate Manor
  • Cao Yang as Pan Bin, prefecture judge of Shun Tian Magistrate Manor. Tang Fan's senior
  • Qu Ge as Lao Sun, coroner at Shun Tian Magistrate Manor
  • Chen Meng Yao as Feng Qingzi, a courtesan at Huanyi Brothel
  • Gong Zi Qi as Lin Chaodong, Feng Qingzi's lover
  • Zhang Zhong Xing (张仲兴) as Zheng Ying, Duke of Hou An (voiced by Zhao Ming Zhou)
  • Luo Mao Yang (罗茂阳) as Zheng Cheng, elder son of the Hou An Manor. A wanton playboy. He was killed by Zheng Ying
  • Zhou Hang as Zheng Zhi, second son of the Hou An Manor. He killed Zheng Cheng, as he felt that he is an embarrassment to the family name
  • Yang Chang Qing as Liu Xiang, head eunuch. He killed Han Zao in an attempt to frame Royal Consort Wan
  • Shi Di Wen as Han Zao, the crown prince's study companion
  • Shang Cheng Jun (尚城君) as Huang Jinglong, magistrate of Ji An City. He is known for his cruel and harsh punishments, resulting in the death of many prisoners.
  • Qian Ru Fu as Lu Zhi, magistrate of Tong Zhou (later Yun He)
  • Yu Yang as Huang Ying, Huang Jinglong's subordinate
  • Liu Yao Yuan as Yang Fu, a criminal captured by Huang Jinglong that looks identical to Wang Zhi
  • Lu Zhan Xiang as Nie Ping, a boy that was jailed for stealing money to buy medicine for his mother
  • Gao Jian as Chen Xu, a general guarding the borders. Known for his uprightness and fierce loyalty to the country
  • Dong Li Wu You as Xiao Niqiu, leader of the beggar children. Helps Wang Zhi in gathering intelligence
  • Tang Zi Yue as Xiao Chizi, one of the beggar children. Helps Wang Zhi in gathering intelligence
  • Yu Yuan as Yu Zhengpeng, elder son of Yu family. A general. He hated Wang Zhi as he believed he caused the death of his father.
  • Lin Xu as Yu Zhenglin, second son of Yu family. A minister. He tried to turn the citizens against Wang Zhi as he thought he killed his family
  • Yuan Qiao as Yu Xiulian, daughter of Yu family. She admires Sui Zhou, whom she was almost betrothed to (voiced by Yu Meng Ci)
  • Chu Tian Shu (楚天舒) as Zhang Degui (Chef Zhang), chef of Yu family. He has a secret crush on Yu Xiulian and after failing to have his feelings reciprocated, killed the entire Zhang family
  • Zhao Yang as Zhu Jianmou, a prince who often helps out the needy and is known as "Great Kind Person". However, he is actually a serial murderer who kills foreign young girls and dig out their heart, due to having being betrayed by his lover
  • Shi Da Mao as Qian Tai, a tea merchant who trafficks children
  • Lu Lin as He Lin, Tang Yu's abusive husband
  • Li Li Qun as Ma Lin, the wealthiest merchant of Yun He who is is in charge of the silver mines. Subordinate of Li Zilong
  • Yang Huan as Li Mao, a scholar who is concerned about the welfare of mine workers (voiced by Wei Chao)
  • Yang Tun as Ma Yuancong, Ma Lin's son
  • Ge Xing Jia as Ma Rufu, housekeeper of Ma manor
  • Zhang Yue (张岳) as Er Tao, leader of the mine workers
  • He Zi Ming as Li Fei, a former soldier. He impersonated Sui Zhou, using his name to rob the officials and distribute the money to the poor
  • Yan Wei Liang as Li You, Li Fei's subordinate
  • Zhang Bai Jia as Qing Ge, a famous courtesan. Li Zilong's god-daughter, who is planted as a mole in Huanyi Brothel (voiced by Feng Lan)
  • Hu Xiao (胡潇) as Sun Da, an official guarding the ice house
  • Li Yuan Yuan as Jin Sanniang, seller of ice in the black market. Descendant of a family who helped build the palace's secret tunnels (voiced by Zhang Kai)
  • Shu Ya Xin as Alasi / Ding Man, an Oirat spy sent to the palace as an eunuch. Duo Erla's lover
  • Jiang Feng as Gao Yi, an accomplished general who was captured by the Oirats while protecting the former Emperor
  • Jia Shu Yi as Madame Gao, Gao Yi's wife
  • Lin Meng as Wan Zhen'er's attendant

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