The Song of Glory

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The Song of Glory


  • Title: 锦绣南歌 / Jin Xiu Nan Ge
  • English title: The Song of Glory
  • Genre: Historical, romance
  • Episodes: 63
  • Broadcast network: Tencent
  • Broadcast period: 2020
  • Related TV series: The Princess Weiyoung


During the Yuanjia era, the country is in a state of chaos, with powerful aristocrats having usurped the political power. To change the current situation, Liu Yikang introduces new policies to reform the government. To break the current political situation and alliance between the powerful aristocrats, Liu Yikang decides to enter a marriage alliance with the Shen family, who has roots in the military. The person he is going to marry turns out to be Shen Lige, whom he has previously met and fallen in love with. After marriage, Li Ge assists Liu Yikang in dealing with their political opponents and implanting the new policies. However, these new policies threatened the authority of the aristocrats, who allied to suppress Li Ge and the Shen family, who is later massacred by political opponents. Pained with losing her family, Li Ge vows to take revenge for her family. She works alongside Liu Yikang to reform the government through policies, punishes those conspiring to dethrone Liu Yikang, and helps him regain control of the court. In the process, Li Ge and Liu Yikang also develop romantic feelings for each other. Finally, Liu Yikang is able to found a prosperous Yuanjia dynasty. However, Li Ge's whereabouts is unknown in the midst of a war...



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