The Song of Glory

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The Song of Glory


  • Title: 锦绣南歌 / Jin Xiu Nan Ge
  • English title: The Song of Glory
  • Genre: Historical, political, romance
  • Episodes: 53
  • Broadcast network: Tencent
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Jul-01
  • Original soundtrack: The Song of Glory OST


During the Yuanjia era of the Song Dynasty, the country is in a state of chaos, with powerful aristocrats having usurped the political power. To break the current political situation and alliance between the powerful aristocrats, Liu Yikang decides to enter a marriage alliance with the Shen family. A family with deep military roots, the Shen family can provide the strength Liu Yikang needs to enact the reform necessary to oust the aristocrats bent on destroying the nation. The person he is going to marry turns out to be Shen Lige, whom he has previously met in the jianghu and fallen in love with.

After marriage, Li Ge assists Liu Yikang in dealing with their political opponents and implanting the new policies. However, these new policies threatened the authority of the aristocrats, who allied to suppress Li Ge and the Shen family. The Shen family is later massacred by political opponents. Pained with losing her family, Li Ge vows to take revenge for her family. She works alongside Liu Yikang to reform the government, punishing those conspiring to dethrone Liu Yikang and helping him regain control of the court. In the process, Li Ge and Liu Yikang's feelings for each other also deepens. Finally, Liu Yikang is able to found a prosperous Yuanjia dynasty. However, Li Ge and Liu Yikang's future becomes unclear when Li Ge's whereabouts is lost in the midst of a war.

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Main Cast
Assassin of Zhu Que Alliance. Consort of Liu Yikang.
Prince Peng Cheng. Fourth son of Emperor Wu.
Prince Jing Ling. Sixth son of Emperor Wu and Grand Consort Sun.
Shen Manor
  • Eddie Cheung as Shen Tingzhang, head of Shen household. Anbei General, Commander of Sui Yuan Army
  • Deng Ying as Zi Lan, Madame Shen
  • Li He as Shen Zhi, eldest son of Shen family. Head General. Liu Yikang's subordinate. He is mutually in love with Wang Zijin
  • Guan Xue Ying as Shen Leqing (voiced by Qiao Shi Yu), second mistress of Shen family. Daughter of Shen Tingzhang's brother. She likes Liu Yikang
  • Ren Yun Jie as Shen Feng, second son of Shen family
  • Wei Jun as Zhou Zheng, housekeeper of Shen manor
  • Li Jia Yao as Ling Xi, Shen Leqing's personal attendant
Zhu Que Alliance
  • Tan Jian Chang as Xu Lin, leader of Zhu Xue alliance
  • Cai Yi Da as Chen Shaoxun, assassin of Zhu Xue alliance
  • Lu Zhan Xiang as Kong Cheng, assassin of Zhu Xue Alliance. He is adept in making weapons and skilled in knowledge about medicine
  • Li Zhao as A Nu, assassin of Zhu Xue alliance. Real daughter of Shen family, Shen Jia
  • Wang Xiao as A Ling, assassin of Zhu Xue alliance
  • Zhang Feng An as De Shun, assassin of Zhu Xue alliance. Ambushed in Liu Yikang's palace as a mole
  • Qi Ji as Lu Yuan, Governor. Nephew of Grand Consort Sun
  • Li Tai Yan as Xie Hao, Head Secretariat. Xie Yunzhi's brother
  • Liu Ya Peng as Li Chengxun, deputy general of Sui Yuan army
  • Wei Yi Bo as Li Xian, Minister of Justice
  • Li Hong Lei as Pei Ruhai, officer in charge of army supplies. Helped Lu Yuan smuggle weapons
People in Palace
People around Liu Yikang
People around Lu Yuan


The drama is part of the "Jin Xiu (锦绣)" series with The Princess Weiyoung.


2021 International Emmy Award: Best Telenovela: The Song of Glory

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