The Wolf

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The Wolf


  • Title: 狼殿下 / Lang Dian Xia
  • English title: The Wolf
  • Previously known as: The Majesty of Wolf
  • Genre: Historical, Romance
  • Episodes: 58
  • Broadcast network:
  • Broadcast period: 2019


Towards the end of the Tang Dynasty, Zhu Wen usurped the throne and established the Liang Kingdom. A boy from the wild accidentally falls off a cliff while being pursued for saving wolf pups. He is rescued by Zhu Wen who adopts him as a son, and is renamed Zhu Youwen.

Ten years later, the young boy has been conferred the title Prince of Bo and he meets and falls in love with Zhaixing, the daughter of a governor. Zhaixing discovers that Zhu Youwen is kind and righteous in spite of his status and the two become embroiled in a struggle for power.


Actor Role Notes
Wang Da Lu Zhu Youwen Prince of Bo.
Li Qin Ma Zhaixing Daughter of the Duke of Kui Continent.
Xin Zhi Lei Yao Ji An assassin under Zhu Wen, who is adept at using poison.
Xiao Zhan Ji Chong A bounty hunter, whose actual identity is son of Prince Jin.
Guo Shu Yao Yelv Baona Khitan princess.
Lin You Wei Zhu Yougui
Zang Hong Na Ma Jing
Ma Dong Chen Mo Xiao Commander of the Ye Sha troops. Zhu Youwen's subordinate.
Zhang Xin Wen Yan One of the Ye Sha troops, also known as the No.1 healer. Zhu Youwen's subordinate.
Ding Yong Dai Zhu Wen Emperor of Liang.

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