Thirty Something

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Thirty Something


  • Title: 我的30定律
  • English title: Thirty Something
  • Also known as: 30定律 / My 30 Law
  • Genre: Drama
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast network: TTV
  • Broadcast period: 2015-Dec-12 to 2016-Apr-02
  • Air time: Saturday 22:00
  • Opening theme song: Wo De Shi Dai (我的時代) My Generation by Patrick Brasca
  • Ending theme song: Rainbows by Ye Huai Pei (葉懷佩)
  • Insert songs:
    • Wo Xiang Xin Wo De Xiang Xin (我相信我的相信) I Believe My Belief by Ye Huai Pei (葉懷佩)
    • Qin Mi De Shu Li (親密的疏離) The Nearness of Distance by Xian Pei Jin (冼佩瑾)
    • Ba Ni Diu Jin Dan Shui He Li (把你丟進淡水河裡) Throw You In The River Xian Pei Jin (冼佩瑾)
    • Mi Di (謎底) Answer by Xian Pei Jin (冼佩瑾)
    • Brand New Day by Cindy Yen
    • An Pai (安排) Arrangement by Cindy Yen
    • Chang Shou Ge Yin Wei Si Nian (唱首歌因為思念) Sing a Song Because of Longing by Cindy Yen


When a 30-year-old woman hits a career and personal low, can she rebuild her life? He Mei Liang should be at the peak of her career and life, but she actually finds herself out of a job. She used to work in medical equipment sales, but she let people walk all over her while she was too afraid to stand up for herself, so she ends up hitting rock bottom. Although she used to look down on insurance salespeople, Mei Liang gets a job in the insurance industry and is determined to succeed. Mei Liang is partnered with the more veteran insurance salesman, You Zi Jie, who tries to prevent her from making too many gaffes in her new job. Can Zi Jie help Mei Liang rebuild her life and career?

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Production Credits

  • Producer: Fan Rui Ying (范瑞穎), Zhang Yi Fen (張憶芬), Mao Yi Xiao (毛以孝)
  • Director: Xu Zhao Ren
  • Screenwriter: Xie Xiao Mi (謝小蜜), Fei Gong Yi (費工怡), Chen Hui Ru (陳慧如)

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