Thousand Years For You

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Thousand Years For You


  • Title: 请君 / Qing Jun
  • English title: Thousand Years For You
  • Genre: Republican, romance, fantasy
  • Episodes: 36
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2022-Sep-15 to 2022-Oct-06
  • Airing time: Sunday-Wednesday 20:00
  • Original soundtrack: Thousand Years For You OST


The romance between a War God who is thousands of years old and the female leader of a group of bandits.

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Main Cast

  • Ren Jia Lun as Lu Yan, prince of Ancient Shu Kingdom. A God of War who has lived for three thousand years
  • Li Qin as Yu Dengdeng / Yun Xi, Chieftain of Qing Quan Stronghold. Her previous reincarnation is the Saintess of the Spirit Clan

Qing Quan Stronghold

Spirit Clan


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