Tokusou Saizensen 2013 ~ Shichitou no Keisatsuken

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Tokusou Saizensen 2013 ~ Shichitou no Keisatsuken


  • Title: 特捜最前線2013~7頭の警察犬
  • Title (romaji): Tokusou Saizensen 2013 ~ Shichitou no Keisatsuken
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Genre: Crime
  • Episodes: 1
  • Broadcast network: TV Asahi
  • Broadcast period: September 29, 2013
  • Air time: Sunday 21:00 (107 min)
  • Related TV Show: Tokuso Saizensen


Based on a tip-off that illegal drugs with a street value of 1.5 billion yen is being hidden in the mountains, Kunugiya Hyosuke (Kamikawa Takaya) and others from the Special Investigations Division go after the new drug gang Cryptogame. The only clue that they have is the word ‘Kita’ which an informant had divulged with his last breath. As a result of the intelligence gathered with the help of the Counter-Narcotics Team, they finally get hold of the whereabouts of one of the gang’s top leaders, Takayanagi Takeshi (Hirayama Yusuke). However, during the chase, Takeshi is stabbed by someone. It is learnt from the DNA on the leather jacket and gloves left behind at the scene that these belong to former narcotics investigator Izawa Ryuji (Hirayama Hiroyuki) who had been pursuing Cryptogame. But there has been no word from Izawa since three months ago. There are suspicions within the police organisation that Izawa has close ties to Cryptogame. With Takeshi’s murder and Izawa’s items at the scene, the Special Investigations Division regards Izawa as a key person and goes after him. Furthermore, it is discovered from data that has been analysed that Cryptogame has moved its base to Kyoto. And so, Kunugiya and the others head to Kyoto. Before long, it is determined that the boss of Cryptogame is a person called Kurashiki. However, Cryptogame’s top leaders get killed one after another as the Special Investigations Division and police dogs give chase. Izawa’s connection to Cryptogame gradually emerges. The detectives of the Special Investigations Division and their seven police dogs begin a last-ditch investigation. --Jdramas--

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