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Episodes 1 thru 5[edit]

Episode 1

In 1550, young Inuchiyo, son of Maeda Toshimasa, meets for the first time, Matsu, who has been adopted by the Maeda Family. That night, Oda Nobunaga appears and asks Inuchiyo to become his retainer. Despite his father's opposition, Inuchiyo eagerly accepts and goes off to one battle after another. He returns to find that Matsu has grown into a lovely woman.

Episode 2

The year is 1558 and Matsu has not seen Toshiie for a year. Although they have promised to marry each other, it is not official. Meanwhile, O-ne of the asano Clan falls in love with Toshiie. Nobunaga approves the Maeda-Asano alliance, but Toshiie flatly refuses and returns home to marry Matsu. The following year, Toshiie gets into an argument and ends up slaying some of Nobunaga's men.

Episode 3

Despite Matsu's appeals, Nobunaga orders Toshiie to commit harakiri. Matsu moves into a small hut near the castle while Toshiie tries to find a way into Nobunaga's favor again. In 1560, Imagawa Yoshimoto goes on the offensive with a huge army.

Episode 4

Toshiie and Chohachiro set out to join the fight against the huge Imagawa army. Matsu evacuates to Kiyosu Castle to find O-ne and Ichi totally calm and confident that Nobunaga will emerge victorious. On his way to the battlefield, Toshiie sees his sick father, Toshimasa.

Episode 5

With Nobunaga still angry at him, Toshiie remains without a position in the shogunate. Matsu then learns of a warrior chief named Ashidate who controls the Mino area. And she goes to make a deal with let Toshiie return to service if he gets rid of this Ashidate. Meanwhile, Toshiie's brother Toshihisa falls in love with Tsune and causes his mother Tatsu much grief--especially since Toshihisa already has a wife and this Tsune has a child.

Episodes 6 thru 10[edit]

Episode 6

In 1561, Toshiie slays Ashidate and wins approval to return to service. Nobunaga wants a union between the Asai and Oda Clans, but his sister Ichi is in love with Shibata Katsuiie. Nobunaga asks Toshiie to convince Ichi that Nagamasa would make a better husband.

Episode 7

In 1562, Matsu gives birth to a son. Around that time, Nobunaga is negotiating an alliance with Matsudaira Motoyasu. Talks are not going smoothly, but Ryosuke manages to win Motoyasu's approval. Meanwhile, the Mino offensive is stalled and Nagamasa is having problems with the construction of a castle in Sunomata. Tokichiro steps up and asks Nobunaga to let him handle the construction.

Episode 8

The Mino offensive is still stalled in 1563. Nobunaga gathers his generals together and orders them to get moving. Tokichiro boasts that he can handle the construction of Sunomata Castle. About a year later, Tokichiro appears before Toshiie. Northern Mino has been subdued, but Nobunaga is refusing to approve the terms of the treaty.

Episode 9

Toshiie is disappointed in himself after Hideyoshi one-ups him over the construction of Sunomata Castle. In 1567, after taking control of Mino, Nobunaga allows Akechi Mitsuhide into his inner circle. Many of his close vassals become upset over this and boycott an important evaluation meeting.

Episode 10

In 1568, Nobunaga goes to meet with his new brother-in-law, Asai Nagamasa. Their first meeting goes very smoothly. But Ryosuke, who has been watching over Ichi, reports of suspicious movements among Nagamasa's men. Without waiting for Hideyoshi's orders, Toshiie instigates an attack and becomes the man of the hour.

Episodes 11 thru 15[edit]

Episode 11

Although Nobunaga and Hideyoshi are still at odds with each other, the women are getting along well. Toshiie returns to Arako to discuss the family inheritance. Tsune and Toshihisa refuse to talk to him, claiming that Arako is theirs. In 1569, Nobunaga grants Toshiie the right to head the Maeda Family. And when Toshiie arrives in his homeland, lined up to greet him are the men of Maeda, toughened by battle training and ready to serve him.

Episode 12

Toshiie and Matsu try to enter Sunomata Castle, but are threatened by Tsune who aims an arrow at them, and Toshihisa who tries to blow up Arako Castle. In the end, Toshihisa's attempts fail and he leaves Arako, warning Toshiie not to use other people for the sake of his ambition and glory. A new year dawns and Toshiie assembles his men together and tells them of his goal to become a shogunate power.

Episode 13

Now that they have taken over as head of the Maeda Clan, Matsu and Toshiie find themselves scrambling to pay for the cost of war preparations. Nobunaga presents Shogun Ashiteru with five conditions for surrender, then successfully leads the attack on the Asakura. Ryosuke arrives as Ichi's messenger, clutching a bag tightly. Enclosed are details of Asai Nagamasa's treachery. And Ume sets out on a trip to Sakai, leaving Matsu with the parting words, "You are the general of the Maeda Clan."

Episode 14

It is 1570 and Toshiie is having a difficult time in the battle against the bonzes of the Osaka Hongwanji. Ryosuke has left Ichi's service, and although Toshiie asks Nobunaga many times for permission to recall Ryosuke, Nobunaga refuses. At Mt. Hiei, Nobunaga orders all the temples set afire. Ryosuke appears at Matsu's mansion carrying a baby he found in a burning temple.

Episode 15

In 1572, Toshiie gets word that Ryosuke has deserted. Mitsuhide believes that Ryosuke will seek asylum with Ieyasu. Ryosuke appears before Matsu and entrusts her with a child. Then he sets out to act as a shield for Toshiie who is waiting for Takeda Shingen to attack. And in the battle at Mikata, Ryosuke is fatally injured. Matsu goes to see Tatsu who has had a premonition of her son's passing. The following year in April, Tatsu follows Ryosuke in death.

Episodes 16 thru 20[edit]

Episode 16

In 1573, Matsu and Haru watch their eldest sons, Magoshiro and Matsuchiyomaru playing. In the background, O-ne looks on wistfully. In July, Matsuchiyomaru is killed during his first battle. The grave news causes Matsu to go into early labor and she delivers a baby girl. Hideyoshi convinces Matsu to allow him and O-ne to adaopt the baby.

Episode 17

Matsu is overjoyed when Nobunaga tells her that Toshiie will be granted a daimyo rank. In May, Nobunaga defeats Takeda Shingen's famed horseback battalion. Although Toshiie led the rifle brigade, he is not given any land. Then Hideyoshi forces Toshiie and Matsu to go with him to Nagahama. There, he tells Toshiie of the land that has been granted him--the 20,000 koku fiefdom of Echizen.

Episode 18

In 1575, Toshiie and Matsu are preparing to go to Echizen. But Nobunaga asks Matsu to stay behind in Gifu to care for his concubine Yoshino, who has fallen ill. Thus, Toshiie goes alone to Fuchuu Castle. He is greeted by his vassals, but also finds Keijiro who declares that he will retake Arako. Furthermore, the Ikko sect continues to pose a problem for Toshiie. Then, rumors that Toshiie has taken a concubine reach Gifu, but Matsu remains steadfastly behind her husband. In 1576, Matsu finally rejoins Toshiie in Echizen.

Episode 19

Toshiie and his men enjoy a brief period of peace in 1577 while Nobunaga moves to Azuchi Castle. However, in July, the Uesugi from Echigo go on the offensive and the two Oda generals, Hideyoshi and Katsuie, vehemently disagree on strategy. When Hideyoshi withdraws his troops, causing the defeat of the Oda army, Nobunaga orders Hideyoshi to commit harakiri. Through Toshiie and Katsuie's intervention, Hideyoshi is spared. Meanwhile, O-ne and Matsu, both of whom have lost their fathers to war, renew their pledge of friendship.

Episode 20

Toshiie's eldest daughter, Sachi, falls in love with Maeda Nagatane. However, Nobunaga orders that she marry a relative of Ieyasu. Matsu, believing that the Tokugawa was somehow connected to the deaths of her father and Ryonosuke, vehemently opposes this union. Meanwhile, rumors spread that Toshiie will be granted a 210,000 koku fief in Noto. In February, Toshiie accuses Nobunaga of trying to sell his daughter for Noto and calls off the wedding. And although he has misgivings about Sachi marrying Nagatane, he relents after he sees the depth of their love.

Episodes 21 thru 25[edit]

Episode 21

Drums sound a battle alert and Toshikatsu prepares to go off to his first battle after Nobunaga orders troops to quell a rebellion by Araki Murashige in Settsu. A month passes during which Matsu gives birth to her second son, but there is no word on how Toshikatsu fared. It turns out that Toshikatsu questions the morality of killing and has been going to a temple with Takayama Sakon to meditate. Matsu feels deeply for her son's anguish, but Toshiie is determined to beat some sense into his firstborn.

Episode 22

In the midst of the offensive on Harima Castle, Hideyoshi comes to Toshiie with ominous news. Nobunaga is angry about rumors that Ieyasu's wife and son have been associating with the Takeda. In order to save their lives, Ieyasu asks for Matsu's help and she writes a letter of appeal to Nobunaga. When Matsu visits Azuchi Castle with Toshiie, Nobunaga orders her to commit harakiri, which she flatly refuses to do.

Episode 23

Unable to put up with Hideyoshi's philandering, O-ne decides to leave her husband. And she returns Go to Matsu, the child's birth mother. Matsu takes Go back, but not before declaring that she will never let her daughter go again. Nobunaga summons Toshiie and Matsu to announce his plans to wed his daughter to their first-born son, Toshikatsu. Then Hideyoshi appears and Nobunaga orders Matsu to send Go back to Hideyoshi. She has no choice but to obey, but Matsu is despondent that she must give up her daughter a second time.

Episode 24

Toshiie is summoned to Azuchi Castle where Nobunaga grants him the 21,000 koku fief of Noto. He also grants the province of Echizen-Fuchu to Toshikatsu. Toshihisa and Tsune come to join Toshiie who is now a daimyo. And when O-ne comes to see Matsu requesting a loan, Matsu offers their storehouse of gold without asking for any collateral.

Episode 25

Toshiie is busy with the construction of Komaruyama Castle when news reaches him of the fall of the Takeda Clan. Meanwhile, during the celebration at Azuchi Castle, Nobunaga becomes furious with Hideyoshi and demands that he relinquish his lands. Then Toshiie, commanding the forces for the attack on Uozu Castle, receives a disturbing letter from Nobunaga.

Episodes 25 thru 30[edit]

Episode 26

Toshiie has uneasy feelings about Nobunaga's safety. The latter, having secured Azuchi, has taken up residence at Honnoji, and on this night, is taking pleasure displaying his prized tea utensils. But Akechi Mitsuhide has ordered his entire army to attack. When mysteriously, Toshiiie hears his master's voice say, "The enemy is at Honnoji," Nobunaga has already perished in the flames.

Episode 27

After taking Uotsu Castle, Toshiie heads for Kyoto. He meets Murai Matabei during his journey and learns of Mitsuhide's treachery. Grief-stricken, Toshiie returns to Uotsu where he is greeted by Matsu. Together they pray for their late master and Toshiie swears to Matsu that he will continue Nobunaga's dream of the unification of Japan.

Episode 28

Matsu and Toshiie are overjoyed when Toshikatsu and Nagahime return unharmed. On June 13, Hideyoshi finds Mitsuhide and slays him. On the 27th, while Toshiie has his hands full trying to quell a rebellion in Noto, Hideyoshi and others meet at Kiyosu Castle to discuss the future of the Oda Clan. Things are going just the way Hideyoshi planned when Toshiie bursts in and denounces Hideyoshi's greed.

Episode 29

Toshiie is displeased with the meeting held at Kiyosu Castle, but holds his tongue. Katsuie decides to oppose Hideyoshi and to keep the Maeda loyal to him, asks Toshiie for a hostage. Tsune suggests Maa. Although shocked, Maa freely goes to Katsuie and offers herself as hostage while Toshiie and Matsu look on sadly.

Episode 30

A year has passed and Matsu goes to visit Maa. Meanwhile, Toshiie and Narimasa ponder how to keep Nobunaga's legacy alive. Katsuie grows more and more jealous of Hideyoshi's growing influence and tells Toshiie that he must forget the past and take action now.

Episodes 31 thru 35[edit]

Episode 31

In spring 1583, Matsu watches Toshiie and his men prepare to go to war. Hideyoshi is determined to reconcile with Toshiie, but upon learning that the Maeda troops are on the move, he prepares for the worst. The forces of Shibata Katsuie clash with Hideyoshi's army at Kitanosho, but are hopelessly overmatched. When Toshiie tries to rush to the rescue, he is stopped by Okumura Ietomi and others.

Episode 32

In April, Toshiie returns to Echizen after his troops are defeated by Hideyoshi. He is visited by the vanquished Shibata who urges Toshiie to reconcile with Hideyoshi. One morning, Hideyoshi appears alone at Echizen Castle and asks Toshiie to join him to rule the nation. Later, Hideyoshi sends his entire army against Shibata at Kitanosho Castle with Toshiie leading the advance party. Shibata, with Ichi at his side, perishes in the flames.

Episode 33

In April, Toshiie enters Kanazawa Castle and waits for Hideyoshi. Although he told Hideyoshi that theirs would be a 50-50 partnership, in front of the vassals, he defers to Hideyoshi. Fuchu still poses a problem with Sasa Narimasa. Haru seeks an audience with Hideyoshi bearing gifts of gold, but Hideyoshi demands that Narimasa come himself.

Episode 34

In June 1584, the Maeda and Sasa Clans proceed with plans for a marriage between their families. But Hideyoshi, who has not forgiven Narimasa, demands that Toshiie call off the wedding. Matabei and Tarozaemon also add their warnings and the wedding is postponed. Haru writes to Matsu, assuring her that even if their husbands must face each other in war, she will always love and admire Matsu.

Episode 35

In September 1584, Narimasa attacks Suemori Castle, the bastion of Okumura Ietomi. Remembering Matsu's words to face Narimasa head on, Toshiie disobeys Hideyoshi's direct orders and leaves Kanazawa Castle to aid Ietomi. Despite opposition from O-ne, Hideyoshi executes Narimasa's daughter, leaving Narimasa no choice but to form an alliance with Ieyasu.

Episodes 36 thru 40[edit]

Episode 36

In the bitter winter of 1584, Haru and Narimasa set out for Hamamatsu to meet with Ieyasu. Matsu is shocked when she receives news that Haru has died in an avalanche. In the meantime, Hideyoshi negotiates peace with Nobumasa and Ieyasu, leaving Narimasa alone without allies. When Hideyoshi, now a kampaku, visits Kaga, Matsu seizes the opportunity to beg for Narimasa's life. She also pleads with Narimasa to live for Haru's sake and convinces him to ask for Hideyoshi's forgiveness.

Episode 37

Uesugi Kagemasa leaves Kasuga Castle to meet up with Hideyoshi in Echizen. Ishida Mitsunari pays a visit to Kanazawa and is greeted warmly by Toshihisa. Impressed with Toshihisa's stepson Keijiro, Mistunari has high hopes for him as a Hideyoshi vassal. But Toshihisa warmly welcomes Keijiro who has just returned from Osaka Castle and declares that his "son" will be serving Toshiie. And in the midst of this family gathering, Toshihisa collapses and loses consciousness.

Episode 38

1586, Ieyasu joins Hideyoshi and Toshiie and promptly declares his allegiance to the new Kampaku. After hearing rumors, Matsu and O-ne go to Nankoji Temple where they find Haru tending to orphans. Haru has no desire to see Narimasa whose life has been spared by Hideyoshi. When Narimasa learns that his wife is still alive, he resolves to raise his banner and fight again.

Episode 39

In 1587, Matsu and Toshiie learn that Sasa Narimasa has committed hara-kiri. Toshiie is irate, but O-ne urges him to stay calm and remain on good terms with Hideyoshi. At the memorial service, O-ne asks Fuku for forgiveness and hands Narimasa's swords to her. Just then, Haru appears with a letter in hand--it is Narimasa's final letter to Toshiie in which he says he holds no grudges and urges Toshiie to support Hideyoshi for the good of the nation.

Episode 40

In 1589, Hideyoshi's concubine Chacha gives birth to a son. Matsu urges Hideyoshi to allow his wife O-ne to raise the infant. Instead, Hideyoshi ignores her words and elevates Chacha's status. Exasperated with Hideyoshi's callous treatment of O-ne, Toshiie returns to Kanazawa.

Episodes 41 thru 45[edit]

Episode 41

The following year, Hideyoshi attacks the Hojo in Odawara. Without consulting Toshiie, Hideyoshi orders the slaying of Yamagami Souji, the tea master for the Maeda Clan. Upon hearing from O-ne that Hideyoshi has been behaving very erratically, Matsu dispatches a letter to Toshiie beseeching him not to get angry.

Episode 42

Sen Rikyu is ordered to commit hara-kiri by Hideyoshi in 1591. In the room where he prepared tea for Nobunaga and Princess Ei a decade earlier, Rikyu prepares his final bowl of tea for Toshiie and bids farewell to the world.

Episode 43

Tae and Naka plead with Hideyoshi to stop the killing of innocent people. Toshiie also speaks to Hideyoshi, but his words fall on deaf ears. As a last resort, Naka spreads the rumor that she is deathly ill. Then she meets with Matsu to raise her to the rank of female kampaku, and with a plea to watch over Hideyoshi, she collapses. When Hideyoshi returns to Osaka Castle, it is too late.

Episode 44

Chacha gives birth to hideyoshi's child in 1593. Upon hearing the news, hideyoshi calls off his invasion of korea. And matsu is deeply hurt when chiyoho, who had been sent to bizen to care for toshiie's needs, gives birth to his son.

Episode 45

Chacha and mitsunari plot to alienate hideyoshi from the maedas. The following year, hideyoshi breaks a promise he made to toshiie regarding the succession to the house of kamo. And it's left up to o-ne to heal the rift between hideyoshi and toshiie.

Episodes 46 thru 49[edit]

Episode 46

O-ne confides in matsu that hideyoshi's health is failing and urges toshiie to take the reins of power. In 1598, after a flower-viewing outing, hideyoshi himself urges toshiie, but toshiie realizes that he must probably take on ieyasu in battle. And at matsu's urging, toshiie gives saruchiyo the maeda name.

Episode 47

In August 1598, toshiie and matsu receive news that hideyoshi is seriously ill and rush to fushimi castle. Surrounded by o-ne, chacha, toshiie, matsu, and his close generals, hideyoshi breathes his last. Ishida mitsunari and asano nagamasa plot to assassinate ieyasu, but toshiie learns about their scheme and stops them. And ieyasu and toshiie decide to call back the troops from korea.

Episode 48

After Hideyoshi's death, Toshiie takes Hideyori to Osaka Castle in accordance with the late Taiko's wish. Ieyasu begins to suspect that Toshiie intends to seize power. Okumura Ietomi tells Toshiie that Ieyasu must be assassinated in order to maintain peace in the land. But when Ieyasu visits the Maeda Clan, Toshiie reveals his hidden sword and apologizes for being part of a plot.

Episode 49 (end)

Final Episode. In 1599, after telling Toshinaga to remain in Osaka for three more years, Toshiie breathes his last. To prevent bloodshed between Toshinaga and Ieyasu, Matsu goes to Edo and offers herself as a political hostage. Fifteen years later, Matsu returns to Kanazawa. On the way, she stops at Arako where decades earlier, she and Toshiie had nurtured an owl back to health. There, sitting under the familiar old tree, she reminisces about the people and the events in her life, and dies peacefully at age 71.