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Trick or Love


  • Title: 鬼之執行長 (鬼之执行长) / Kuei Chih Chih Hsing Chang (Gui Zhi Zhi Xing Zhang)
  • English title: Trick or Love
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast network: SETTV, CTS, Line TV, Vidol
  • Broadcast period: 2023-Jun-19 to 2023-Aug-11
  • Air time: Monday to Friday 20:00 (SETTV); Monday to Friday 21:00 (CTS)
  • Opening theme song: Boat (小船) by 163braces
  • Ending theme song: Truth (真心話) by Howard Lee (李浩瑋)
  • Insert songs:
    • Crush on by Howard Lee
    • Touching Dream (淒美夢) by Earl Band (伯爵白)
    • On The Way to Hualian (花蓮的路上) by Johnny Tsai (小米)
    • Suddenly Want to See You (突然想見你) by Marcus Chang and Eugenie Liu


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Trick or Love Correlation Chart
Main Cast
Guan Family
  • Liu Hsiu Fu (劉修甫) as Guan Heng Da (Heng Wei and Heng Da's brother)
  • Pao Cheng Fang (鮑正芳) as Li Su Lan (Heng Wei and Heng Da's grandma)
  • Lin Wei (林煒) as Guan Jie Ming (Heng Wei and Heng Da's father)
  • Tang Zhi Wei as Guan Cong Guang (Heng Wei and Heng Da's grandpa)
Liang Family
  • Shen Meng Sheng as Liang Chi Sheng (Jing Cen and Jing Fen's father)
  • Yan Jia Le as Huang Shun Ying (Jing Cen and Jing Fen's mother)
  • Tuo Zong Hua as Liang Yong Xiong (Jing Cen and Jing Fen's grandpa)
Supporting Cast

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