Two Conjectures About Marriage

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Two Conjectures About Marriage


  • Title: 婚姻的两种猜想 / Hun Yin De Liang Zhong Cai Xiang
  • English title: Two Conjectures About Marriage
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes:
  • Broadcast network:
  • Broadcast period: 2021


When career woman Shen Mingbao meets IT guy Yang Zheng, the two quickly get married. But because of their busy lives, they were only able to meet twice a week. In order to ensure her husband has a stable career, Shen Mingbao buys over a company. However she doesn't expect her own company to suffer a loss in customers. In order to make up for the loss, Shen Mingbao puts in extra effort at work, which eventually causes a miscarriage. When Yang Zheng knew of it, he made her quit her job, but this causes further misunderstandings between the couple.

Meanwhile, Shen Mingbao's best friend Xue Kexin, a wealthy and beautiful woman, also gets involved in a lightning marriage with Chen Tonggang, an actor that is eight years younger than her. However the eventually divorced as their principles did not match.

Shen Mingbao gets pregnant again, but Yang Zheng's career also faces a drastic change. Shen Mingbao has to work harder to revive the company. At the same time, Xue Kexin's good friend Zhang Songwen returns to the country to seek business opportunities. He finds Yang Zheng, and asks him to write up a code or him and become his business partner. This creates a crisis or Shen Mingbao, who learns that Zhang Songwen's company is a funding black hole. She thinks up a plan, and managed to vanquish Yang Zheng's responsibility and prevent the final product from being listed on the market.

Finally, as the crisis is resolved, the four of them has also matured through hardships. Xue Kexin and Chen Tonggang restored their marriage; while Shen Mingbao and Yang Zheng faces a difficult choice toward marriage.


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