Under The Power

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Under The Power


  • Title: 锦衣之下 / Jin Yi Zhi Xia
  • English title: Under The Power
  • Genre: Historical, mystery, romance
  • Episodes: 55
  • Broadcast network: Mango TV, iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2019-Dec-28
  • Original soundtrack: Under The Power OST


Genius constable Yuan Jinxia doesn’t have a friendly relationship with ruthless secret police officer Lu Yi, though the two are forced to work together when the government loses one hundred thousand teals of silver. Yuan Jinxia and Lu Yi gradually became friends and fall in love with each other. Unfortunately Yuan Jinxia finds out that her family was massacred by the jinyiwei, and she must ultimately choose between revenge for her family or love.

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A seventh grade Jingli (经历). Son of the Commander of Jinyiwei Guards. He is known for his cold personality and methods of investigation.
A female constable in Liushanmen. A kind-hearted girl and spirited girl, who also loves money. She is good in tracking skills and is capable in her work.
Son of the Cabinet Master. Known as " Young Pavilion Elder". A sly and cunning man who is well versed in political matters and reading people.
Vermilion Bird Master of Wu An sect. A calm and intelligent woman. She likes Xie Xiao, but later falls for Yang Yue.
Young master of Wu'an Sect. Jin Xia's childhood playmate. A simple-minded who is loyal to his friends, but can be brash in his actions. He likes Jin Xia.
A constable in Liushanmen. Yuan Jinxia's senior and close friend. He likes Shangguan Xi.
Ministers and generals
  • Ding Yong Dai as Emperor Jiajing
  • Liu Wei as Lu Ting (Commander of the Jinyiwei Guards. Lu Yi's father.)
  • Li Cheng Ru as Yan Song (Cabinet Minister. Yan Shifan's father.)
  • Guo Xiao Feng as Yang Chengwan (Head constable of Liushanmen. Yang Yue's father and Yuan Jinxia's teacher. He used to be part of the Jinyiwei guards.)
  • Chen Li Wei as Liao Wenhua (Vice Imperial Censor. God-son of Yan Song)
  • Yang Ping You as Xu Jing (Minister of Rites. He works with Lan Daoxuan to bring down the Yan forces.)
  • Zhang Xin Hua as Li Fang (Head Eunuch. Personal attendant of the Emperor.)
  • Gao Shou as Xu Lang (Minister of War. Subordinate of Yan Song)
  • Wang Lu as Wu Shouxu (Governer-general of Zhezhi)
  • Zhou Hui Lin as Yu Dayong (A general, in charge of fighting the bandits)
  • Yu Cheng Qun as Xu Wei (Wu Shouxu's trusted advisor)
  • Zhao Tian Yang as Qi Weigang (A general under Yu Dayong, responsible for fighting the bandits)
  • Lu Shi Jia (卢待嘉) as Xiang Zi (Yu Dayong's subordinate in the army.)
  • Liu Guo Ji as Lao Nie (Qi Weigang's subordinate who guards the military warehouse)
  • Chang Lu Jiang (常鲁江) as Zhou Xianji (Assistant Minister of Work. He is responsible for transferring the funds to repair the river bridge, but was killed.)
  • Sun Di as Wei Ying (Magistrate of Yangzhou.)
  • Yang Shuo as Yan Shaoqiong (Trade minister, who helps Yan Shifan disguise his identity as Sima Changan)
  • Wang Gang as Cao Kun (Minister of War. Xu Lang's subordinate.)
  • Zhang Bo Nan as Wang Fangxing (General guard)
  • Xi Xue as Lin Ling (A highly skilled physician. Jin Xia's aunt)
  • Li Ting Zhe as Qi Shu (A highly skilled physician who likes concocting poisons. Lu Yi's uncle. He likes Lin Ling.)
  • Han Cheng Yu as Lan Daoxuan (A reverend at Dan Qing Pavilion. He becomes Lu Yi's aide in toppling the Yan forces in court)
  • Wan Tong as Zhai Lanye (A courtesan at Lanzhou. Shangguan Xi's friend. She works for Yan Shifan, and secretly crushes on him.)
  • Huang You Qi as Cen Fu (Lu Yi's subordinate)
  • Han Ming Xi as Yan Feng (Yan Shifan's subordinate)
  • Liang Qing Chen as Mao Haifeng (Leader of the Dongying Bandits)
  • Huang Zi Yao as Dong Qisheng (Head of Dong Water Fort. He later becomes Mao Haifeng's subordinate.)
  • Qian Zhi as Xie Baili (Sect leader of Wu An sect. Xie Xiao's father and Yang Chengwan's close friend.)
  • Li Qin Qin as Madame Yuan Chen (Yuan Lingxia's foster mother.)
  • Yi Zhao Bo as Yuan Ming (Head Reverend of Dan Qing Pavilion)
  • Zhang Yi Ying (张艺赢) as Chun Yumin (Lu Yi's cousin. She initially falls for Yuan Jinxia thinking she was man, but grew to hate her after knowing the truth.)
  • Hou Jian Nan (侯建楠) as Chun Yuqi (Chun Yumin's brother)
  • Wang Yao as Chun Father
  • Jia Shu Yi as Chun Mother
  • Li Jin Qiu as Yuan Yang (Chun Yumin's personal attendant)
  • Xi Mei Li as Madame Qi (Qi Weigang's wife)
  • Wang Ye as Luo Wenlong / Wang Mazi (Yan Shifan's subordinate, in disguise as a Japanese bandit)
  • Xu Hai Wei as Sha Xiuzhu (Xie Xiao's friend)
  • Bian Yuan as Leader of Chunxi Troupe
  • Liu Cheng as Chang Sheng (Member of Chunxi Troupe)
  • Cui Bao Yu (崔宝玉) as Yun Zheyue (A former opera singer of Chun Xi Troupe)
  • Hai Xiao (海笑) as Xiao Fei (Member of Wu An sect)
  • Zhang Ye Shi as Tribe Leader (Leader of Long Dan Village)
  • Zhu Chun Jing as Wife of Tribe Leader
  • Tan Zhe Han (谭哲涵) as Xiao Xin (Son of Tribe Leader)
  • Chen Wan Bing as San Shou (Disciple of Dan Qing Pavilion)
  • Zhang Xin (张新) as Er Pang (Disciple of Dan Qing Pavilion)
  • Li Zhi Yang (李志祥) as Xiao Toumu (One of the Japanese bandits)
  • Yang Guang as Xia Ran (Yuan Jinxia's grandfather)
  • Su Xin (苏欣) as Xia Ran's wife (Yuan Jinxia's grandmother)
  • Wei Zhe (魏哲) as Lin He (Yuan Jinxia's birth mother, Lin Ling's sister)
  • Liu Zhi Han as Cao Ling'er (Cao Kun's daughter)
  • Shao Shuai as Li Dan (A man that attempted to elope with Cao Ling'er)


  • Filming Locations: Hengdian, Suzhou

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