Unmei no Hito

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Unmei no Hito


  • Title: 運命の人
  • Title (romaji): Unmei no Hito
  • Title (English): Man of Destiny
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Drama
  • Episodes: 10
  • Viewership rating: 12.0% (Kanto)
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Broadcast period: 2012-Jan-15 to 2012-Mar-18
  • Air time: Sunday 21:00


The story is inspired by the scandal 40 years ago surrounding the secret pact on Okinawa's reversion. The central character is Ryosuke (played by Motoki), a newspaper reporter who prides himself on getting scoop after scoop and who exposes the political deceit behind the scandal. Matsu Takako (34) plays his wife, while Maki Yoko (28) plays an official in the Department of Foreign Affairs who is a key figure in the story. --Tokyograph

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Episode Information

Episode Title Kanto
1 Alleged night 13.0%
2 Leaked secret 11.3%
3 The price of betrayal 11.6%
4 Uncovered relationship 11.6%
5 Torn family 10.8%
6 Revenge of “woman” 9.9%
7 Judgment of shock 13.2%
8 Judgment of reversal !? 10.4%
9 To the end - the final referee 11.9%
10 The story of glory and frustration and rebirth is finally completed in Okinawa!! The truth of 40 years ago and the end of the shock caused by the miracle. What is the future of 3 people who are at the mercy of fate 14.1%
Average 12.0%

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