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Incomplete Dramas[edit]

These are dramas that I've started on but it never got finished.

  • One Fine Day: The plot is just too simple with not much detail in it. Watching the first episode and then skipping to the last episode doesn't cause too much confusion to the viewer.
  • Strongest Chil Woo: Eric's acting skills disappointed me. The storyline is similar to Hong Gil Dong and Iljimae, which are two dramas that had lots of development throughout. But considering that this is the third "hero sageuk drama" this year and there are some negative comments about this drama, I've decided to not continue watching it.
  • Bull Fighting: Shen Ruo He's role is exactly the same as Huo Da in Why Why Love and Jiang Meng in Devil Beside You. These dramas make me feel that Mike He doesn't act really well...
  • Devil Beside You: I read the novel already and I already knew the ending, which doesn't motivate me to continue watching it.

Dramas I Just Didn't Enjoy[edit]

  • Autumn Shower: Yoon Jae's indecisive personality is so annoying. Why does he hesitate for so long on choosing the person that he truly likes?
  • Tsuki no Koibito: I feel like riding on a decrepit roller coaster when I was watching this.
  • Only You: The whole plot was draggy. Pasta is not my style.
  • Stained Glass: After watching the whole series, I still don't know why the name is called Stained Glass.
  • Smile Again: At first, the female and male lead are together, then they separate...then they reunite...then they separate again...then they reunite... this pattern continues throughout the whole drama until the last episode.
  • Summer x Summer: It seems like a remake of It Started with a Kiss where the female lead is chasing the male lead.
  • Tokyo Juliet: More characters (love rivals) keep appearing and making the couple separate. Then this starts to become a cycle and goes on and on.
  • Ying Ye 3 Jia 1: At first the characters were investigating who stole the gun, then at about episode 9, this new character appears and the story goes completely off track into a love triangle with many misunderstandings between Ah Jiang and Xia Tian.

Completed Dramas[edit]



Hong Kong[edit]

There are too many HK dramas to list so I'll just list the ones from 2005 and onwards.