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  • Nickname: Persiana
  • Real name: Pantee Farhangi
  • Birthdate: Gregorian calendar: 1976-Jul-22 (21 in leap years)
Persian calendar: 31-Tir-1355 (31.04.1355)
  • Birthplace: Tehran - Iran
  • Mother tongue: Persian
  • Gender: F
  • Star sign: Cancer
  • Blood type: B+
  • Chinese zodiac: Dragon

About Me[edit]

I am nicknamed Persiana in the Cyber World but my real name is Pantee Farhangi. Sure it sounds strange to you as it's a Persian name indicating that I am not an East Asianer but a one coming from the totally opposite direction of the continent! So greetings from Iran, a Western Asian country formerly known as Persia(n Empire) from which my username is derived ~_^

East Asian dramas are rather popular in Iran and every now and then, an Asian drama or two goes on air with a chance of it becoming a big hit deserting the streets at its airing time every week! We used to watch Japanese dramas in the 80's through mid 90's (with Oshin being the most successful one), then it came to Chinese dramas to rule the waves. But following the huge wowing success of the KBS drama Dae Jang Geum, the television is now possessed by the Kdramas and movies referred to as the Korean Wave. I myself am more for the Chinese dramas, especially the Wuxia ones though would watch other Asian dramas if I find them interesting. My all time favorite in this genre is Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 2001.

I am pretty an Asian dramas enthusiast and usually seek information on them (though am heavily dependent on language tools and translators to interpret the info for me). After finding and using DramaWiki for sometime, felt I too can help in a way by sharing my humble knowledge with others. With that on my mind, I got me an account and began to contribute whenever I could ^_^

Asian Dramas Aired in Iran[edit]

Only the dramas whose original titles I know are listed here.

Japanese Dramas

Title Persian Title Also Known As IRIB Channel Notes
Oshin Saal-haye Dour Az khaneh
Years of Being Away from Home
سال‌های دور از خانه
Channel 2 Oshin was recorded as one of the most successful foreign series broadcast and had the most viewers in its time (a record only to be broken 2 decades later by a Korean drama)
The Water Margin Jangjooyan-e Koohestan
The Mountain Warriors
جنگجويان کوهستان
Channel 1 an NTV production
Hanekonma Dastan-e Zendegi
A Life Story
داستان زندگی
Channel 2
Kita no Kunikara Az Sarzamin-e Shomali
From a Northern Country
از سرزمين شمالی
Channel 1
Channel 4
first broadcast: 1980's
2009-Jan-24 (rerun)

Chinese Dramas

Title Persian Title Also Known As IRIB Channel Notes
Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 2001 Afsaneh Shojaan
Legend of the Braves
افسانه شجاعان
Channel 1 Along with the deletion of the singing voices of Song Zu Ying and Wang Yan Qing, Faye Wong singing part was also excluded from the ending theme song due to religious restrictions >_<
Legend of the Condor Heroes 2003 Afsaneh Oghab-haye Mobarez
Legend of the Eagle Warriors
افسانه عقاب‌های مبارز
Channel 1 Only the first 13 episodes were shown. Rumors are that viewers protested against the kind image of Dschinghis Khan shown in the show
Di Ren Jie zhi Gu Mu Jing Lei Ganjineh haye Ma'bad
Temple Treasures
گنجينه‌های معبد
Channel 3
Secret of the Linked Cities Raaz-e Ganj-e Penhan
Secret of the Hidden Treasure
راز گنج پنهان
Channel 5 The series theme songs were tastelessly replaced with a happy-themed Japanese cartoonish instrumental music which didn't fit the series sad theme at all

Korean Dramas

Title Persian Title Also Known As IRIB Channel Notes
Medical Brothers Pezeshkan
Dae Jang Geum Javaheri dar Qasr
Jewel in the Palace
جواهری در قصر
Channel 2 this drama was a Huuuuuuuuuuuge success (even knocking Oshin from the top spot!) and paved the way for the airing of more Korean dramas and movies
Sea God Emperatour-e Darya
Emperor of the Sea
امپراتور دريا
Channel 3 end date: 2008-Aug-13
Good Person Ensan-e Khoob
Good Person
انسان خوب
Channel 5
Sangdo Taajer-e Pusan
Merchant Of Pusan
تاجر پوسان
Channel 3 end date 2008-Aug-30
The Book of Three Han Afsaneh Jumong
Legend of Ju-Mong
افسانه ى جومونگ
Channel 3 start date and air time: 2008-Oct-14 (Tuesdays, 20:00)
Thank You Moteshakkeram
Thank You
Channel 5 start date and air time: 2008-Oct-20 (Mondays, 23.00)

My Dramas[edit]

These dramas are not broadcast on the Iranian TV but I have watched/am watching them on either sat. channels ( an illegal medium in Iran), online video sites or on DVD's.

Currently Watching[edit]

Already Watched[edit]

Awaiting My Watching[edit]

I have these dramas but haven't found the time to watch them yet!

Would Like to Watch[edit]

Am Desperate to Watch[edit]

These are certain dramas that I MUST watch (no matter how good or bad they are) before I die!!

My Favorite Drama Theme Songs[edit]

My all time favorite is the ending theme song of the drama Jian Chu Jiang Nan but unfortunately I neither know the song name, nor the singer :-(