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I like finding dramas that are a bit unusual and different - though i don't mind a few comedy romances too.

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I have a rule with Dramas - if i can predict too much i quit watching. Judging by the list below, i should also avoid ones with Kwon Sang Woo too ;)

  • Stairway to Heaven - just couldn't bear this - got as far as episode 7 or 8 i think
  • Sad Love Song - only MC Mong being in this got me to last as far as episode 4
  • Freeze - totally bored me - had no feeling or like for the characters at all.

Currently working On

  • Banjun Drama
    • Adding Episode Guide with Cast
    • Summaries for Episodes
    • OST
    • Updating any actors/actresses that appear in Banjuns

Future Projects

  • Profile for Yoo Jae Suk
  • OSTs
  • Expanding on actor stubs