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Legend of Fuyao


  • Title: 扶摇 / Fuyao
  • English title: Legend of Fuyao
  • Genre: Historical, fantasy, adventure
  • Episodes: 66
  • Broadcast network: Zhejiang TV
  • Broadcast period: 2018-Jun-18 to 2018-Aug-13
  • Air time: 22:00 Monday to Thursday
  • Original soundtrack: Legend of Fuyao OST


Meng Fuyao becomes a disciple of the Xuanyuan Sword Sect as a child, though she is despised for her lack of talent in the art of cultivation. Fuyao masters a powerful set of martial arts skills by chance, and embarks on a journey to collect the secret talismans of the five kingdoms, which will later enable her to enter the sacred land known only as the Firmament. She is joined by several admirers, and together they help pacify all the political and military uprisings in the smaller kingdoms, and defeat the evil being guarding the Firmament.

Story Setting[edit]

The series describes an magical world divided in 5 regions:

Region Description Royal Family Capitol Other regions
Ancient firmament Collective of immortals, meddling with the real world without being a permanent part of it. Their palaces appear at will throughout the world. Unclear if they have physical territory. They assigned Megrez Empire to rule other kingdoms. - - -
Tianquan Empire
Translated as: Megrez Empire
Entrusted by Ancient Firmament to rule the world. It rules the other kingdoms by reputation and upholding their deals. They have a territory, including Yao City and provide support to the other kingdoms, but do allow them their own rule. Zhangsun Tianquan Royal City Yao City
Tai Yuan Kingdom
Translated as: Deep Water Kingdom
Water. The royal bloodline has the magical ability to manipulate water and thus keep its citizens safe and prosperous. Anyone else that shows the ability will be accepted as King automatically. The Mystic Soul cultivation sect in Xuanyuan Mountain is renowned to have the best martial arts in the 5 regions, but this is based on past experiences as they lost the knowledge to an important technique called Breaking the Ninth Cloud. Xuanyuan Kunjing City Xuanyuan Mountain
Tiansha Kingdom
Translated as: Heavenly Fiend Kingdom
Earth. Cold region. The royal family line who are the only ones unaffected by the magic of its treasure Earth Sounding Bell. The Geya Desert is the kind of place mortals can only enter, yet never leave. Zhan Rock City Geya Desert
Xuanji Kingdom
Translated as: Plough Kingdom
Fire. The 5 region's source of silver and gold. A city kingdom, ruled as a Matriarchy, built upon a volcano's lava lake. The inner region houses an aupicious Phoenix that guards a great evil. The female line of the of the Feng family always brings forth one heir that controls the lava flow and phoenix in the lake. This will be the Queen, so there is never a succession fight. In theory. Feng (Literal: Phoenix) Xuanji City Phoenix Lake

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Episode 1-16[edit]

This tells the story of Fuyao's late teens starting as a servant for a cultivation sect called the Blue Mountain Sect. A cultivation sect uses spiritual techniques to strengthen their inner energy, allowing them to move faster, make larger jumps and put more power into their punches and blocks. It is also used for healing.

Later Fuyao moves to the capital and palace, where she becomes one of the consorts. Consorts are backed by their father's powers. The more powerful the backing, the higher the rank and the higher the chance to become queen. Queens posses longer lasting power than kings, as they tend to outlive them and stay in power as Queen-mother to the new king. Both as spouse and as mother, their advice is often valued over officials or used as tie breakers. As a result it is considered a woman's highest accomplishment and coveted by aristocrat's daughters.

Tai Yuan (Deep Water Kingdom)

Actor / Actress Role Occupation Notes
The Palace
Zhang Dong Sheng Xuanyuan Ren King King at the start of the series, sick and dying. Murdered several of his relatives to kill off competing bloodlines for the throne, most notably the previous Heir Apparent Wenyi after he was swayed by rumours in the palace.
Ethan Ruan (fake)

Quan Pei Lun (real)

Xuanyuan Min Heir Apparent Identity taken over by Ethan Ruan's character to foil Qi Zhen's plans to usurp the throne. Crowned king after Xuanyuan Ren died.
Zhong Wei Hua Cao Cheng Head eunuch Primary servant to the king in the palace. Also Qi Zhen's ear inside the palace.
Yang Mi (fake)

Chen Xin Er (real)

Yuwen Zi Pure Consort Identity taken on by Fuyao to infiltrate both Qi Zhen's manor and the palace. Is put forward by Qi Zhen as a consort in order to have an ear close to the King.
A Li Ya Tang Zhirong Noble Consort From a lower birth and the typical underdog. Seems harmless at first, but is cunning, seductive and ruthless. Daughter of Tang Bonian, a general who commands a large army, but not as large as that of Gao Hao.
Lu Yu Jun
Huan'er Servant Maid servant to Tang Zhirong. As cunning and ruthless. Loyal to a fault, but valued by Tang Zhirong as she knows without her help she cannot scheme as much.
Wei Hui Ni Jian Xue Virtuous Consort A bit later revealed as an aide of Wu Ji. Daughter of Jian Shen, an important official in the Tianquan empire. Seems arrogant at first, but that fits with her role. Moves in with Fuyao (as Yuwen Zi) at the palace under a false pretence, but really to keep an eye on her and protect her.
Liu Zhi Wei Gao Purou Able Consort Daughter of Gao Hao, prefect of Xiping and traditionally the family that provides the queen, because of its military power. She has been told all her life she's going to be the queen and when that becomes unlikely, has no clue who she is. A spoiled brat type, yet not vicious nor manipulative. Convinced of her own merit and expects things to be handed to her, but also hard working on her talents and skills.
Hu Ke Xuanyuan Xiao Princess Virtue of Tian Quan Female of the royal bloodline. Married off to Tianquan Empire to Wu Ji's father. Was imprisoned in Deep Water Palace. Years of solitude affected her sanity, but there's remnants of an intelligent woman below the surface.
Liu Yu Shen Xuanyuan Zhai Prince Prince of Xuanyuan bloodline. Unclear how he fits in so far, could be he's just one of the princes that got murdered in first episodes.
Kunjing City
Liu Yi Jun Qi Zhen Prime Minister Wants to be king of Tai Yuan and perhaps emperor. Sworn brother of Heir Apparent Wenyi, whom he conspired to have murdered in order to usurp the throne himself.
Lai Yi Zong Yue Doctor Plots with Wu Ji concerning the throne of the kingdom. Is revealed early on as son of Heir Apparent Wenyi and thus Xuanyuan royalty, who survived the massacre because of Mr. Qiu.
Lin Chen Rui young Zong Yue
Liang Yi Mu Yun Hen Aid to the PM Adopted by Qi Zhen. Has a one-sided love for his daughter.
Chen Lu Yuan young Yun Hen
Yuan Yu Xuan Qi Yun - Daughter of Qi Zhen. Used to play at Heir Apparent Wenyi and has a one-sided love for his eldest son.
Liu Yi Han young Qi Yun
Sun Qiang Zhang Henian Marquis Qi Zhen's direct opponent in government affairs. While a great plotter, he has the best interest of the country at heart.
Li Yi Xiao Pei Yuan Prefecture Princess Niece of Prime Minister Qi Zhen. Extremely selfish. Immature spoiled brat turned evil. Married Yan Jingchen. Infiltrated Mystic Soul Mountain to spy for her uncle. Is outclassed by Fuyao in every way and can't stand it.
Wu Yu Chen Ning Ah Lie Servant Pei Yuan's primary servant. Often on the wrong end of her anger tantrums. When she was given the opportunity, she scarred her mistress's face.
Zhang Zhi Zhong Mr. Qiu Vendor Former friend of Heir Apparent Wenyi. Prisoner and slave, rescued by Wu Ji and back in the business of selling sugar figures.
Zhou Li Wei Shi Lan Head maidservant At the Prime Minister's mansion. Takes care of Fuyao during her stay. Hints at being a plant by Wu Ji.
Liu Feng Gang Wei Chuan Butler Head servant at Prime Minister's mansion
Xuan Yuan Mountain
Li Hong Tao Yan Lie Sect leader Leader of cultivation sect Mystic Soul Mountain, father of Jingchen. Ruthless man, typical aristocrat fostering nepotism for his son, as his ancestors did for him.
Huang You Ming Yan Jingchen First Senior Brother Son of sect leader. Kind hearted, but easily manipulated by peer pressure, family values and honor. As a result, conflicted and spineless.
Lu Zhan Xiang young Yan Jingchen
Guo Jun Pei Yan Right-hand man of the sect leader, yet not privy to the sect's darker secrets. Unremarkable man. Don't think he's father of Pei Yuan as he plays no rule in capitol city story line.
Qin Yan Uncle Zhou / Sheng Ling - Leader / father figure of the slave community Mystic Black Section. Haven't seen the Sheng Ling reference yet. Adopted Fuyao when she was abandoned at the mountain and probably many others in the community. Has a lot more magical power then he lets on.
Jiang Long Xiao Qi - Fuyao's best friend in the slave community, whom she brings along with her travels. Loyal and proving that ADHD existed in ancient times as well.
Other regions
Liu Guan Lin Gao Hao Prefect Prince Prefecture of Xiping. Father of Gao Pu Ruo and commander of a large military section.
Liu Pi Zhong Tang Bonian Border General General of the southern border. Commands 150,000 troops. Rose to power through Qi Zheng and the massacre of former Heir Apparent Wenyi. Father of Tang Zhirong.

Episode 17-??, 59-??[edit]

Tian Quan Empire (Megrez Empire)

Actor / Actress Role Occupation Notes
Wang Jin Song Zhangsun Jiong Emperor Wu Ji's father who groomed Wu Ji to be the crown prince. Ruler of the 5 kingdoms.
Juan Zi Yuan Qingyi Empress Wu Ji's mother. Is in love with his uncle.
Song Jia Lun Zhangsun Jia Prince Virtue Brother of the emperor. Wu Ji's biological father.
Gao Han Yu Jiang Feng Body guard Wuji's bodyguard and friend. Really gets into his roles and is often scolded by Wu Ji for it.
Zhao Chu Lun Zhangsun Pinglun
aka Zhangsun Ping Rong
Prince Assist Also referred to as First Royal Son. Ambitious, but not very smart man that promises to help Qhi Zhen ascend in return for his support when he's competing for crown prince.
Yu Yong Hai Tu Lai Servant Aid to the Prince Assist.
Sun Wei Duan Tong Prime Minister Vocal supporter of the Prince Assist. Clashes with General Lei in almost every government meeting.
Gao Hai Peng Lei Yuanshan General Vocal supporter of Crown Prince Wu Ji and opponent of Duan Tong in the government.
Zhang Hong Gang
Han Lin Servant Trusted aide to the Emperor.
Liu Yu Qi Hong Ying Courtesan Spy for the emperor, but in love with his brother.
Yao City
Luo Ting Magistrate Su Magistrate Supposed to uphold the law in Yao City, but does nothing for the people as long as the bandits leave him alone.
Jia Ben Chu Tie Cheng Law enforcer A warrior spirit with a good sense of justice.
Tang Guo Zhong Chi Gui Bandit Leader of the Black Tribe. Has a deal with Prince Assist to not attack Megrez territory in exchange for weapons and gold.
Xu Wei
Hei Feng Bandit Chi Gui's right hand man.
Yan Lu Han Hu Sang - Local beauty queen who fell in love with Wu Ji and doesn't like Fuyao because of it.

Tiansha Kingdom (Heavenly Fiend Kingdom)

Actor / Actress Role Occupation Notes
Gao Wei Guang Zhan Beiye Prince Fierce Former crown prince of the kingdom, but his elder brother took the throne instead. Proud and stubborn, cold hearted on the surface. A bit uncomfortable around women.
Wang Yi young Zhan Beiye
Chen Ying Consort Jing Consort Mother Biological mother of Zhan Beiye. Unclear if she's also the mother of the other two brothers.
Zhang Ya Qin Yalanzhu Has a crush on Zhan Beiye and follows him everywhere. A bit of a tomboy, but very direct and honest. Also socially awkward, but endearing when given a chance. Fuyao takes a liking to her.
Liu Qiu Shi Ji Yu General Best friend and loyal general to Prince Fierce.
Gu You Ming Zhan Beiheng Prince Brother of the current king and loyal to him.
Zhang Yi Cong Zhan Nancheng King The brother that is the current king. Is consumed with power plays and tries to get everything out of a deal, with very underhanded tactics.
Jing Ming Lin Yi Soldier Subordinate and friend on Zhan Beiye who later betrayes him, but also shows him how he lost his spirit.
Yang Zhen Yu
Gu Lingfeng General Commander of "Gold of Tiansha" army set out to capture Zhan Beiye. Actor note: His name is identical to the chinese spelling for Korean Actor Yang Jin Woo, who also has a presence on chinese sites (Douban, Baidu, Manmankan) but is not the same person. Manmankan incorrectly credits him with the role.
Tan Xi He Eunuch Hua Servant Aid to Zahn Beiye's mother.
Liu Yang Head Attendant Li Servant Aid to king Zhan Nancheng
Mao Fan Commander of the Underworld Troops Ghost Lived in Geya Desert for over 1000 years now, following a betrayal of their oath to protect the citizens of Tiansha Kingdom from the royal family.
Lu De Liang Lei Dong Teacher Ranked nr. 3 of the 10 great saints. Zahn Bei Ye's martial arts teacher.

Xuan Ji Kingdom (Plough Kingdom)

Actor / Actress Role Occupation Notes
Lin Jing Feng Xuan / Feng Qi Queen Ruler of Xuan Ji. Had a twin sister. Ruthless person, has an unrequited love for her shadow guard.
Wang He Run Fo Lian 2nd Princess The 2nd princess of Xuan Ji Kingdom. Referred to as Saintess of the Five Kingdoms, which is a front. Fuyao impersonates her on her request.
Niu Yue Han
young Fo Lian
Zhao Xin Qiao Ling Maid Fo Lian's maid who's helping the weak and poor.
Gao Li Wen Feng Jingzhi First Princess A smart woman, but arrogant and controlling. Heiress to the throne.
Li Duo Feng Wu Prefect Man living in seclusion, who knows some of the things that happened in the palace when Feng Xuan ascended to the throne.
Chen Jun Yu
Tang Yizhong Palace Guard Fuyao's first friend in Xuan Ji. Palace guard she met earlier for the royal command competition in Tiansha Kingdom.
Cao Wei Yu Yu Heng / Meng Shuo Shadow Guard The queen's shadow guard and target of her unrequited love. Used to be in love with her sister. One of the 10 great saints, fluent in both martial arts and sciences, but now does all of her dirty work.
Feng Xiao Yang Xu Wan Maid Used to be the maid of the princesses, still employed at the palace and remembered by Wu Ji from his visit 19 years ago.

Ancient Firmament

Actor / Actress Role Occupation Notes
Liu Sha Tian Ji Teacher Ancient Firmament's prime immortal. Teacher of Wu Ji and Tai Yan. The white haired guy at the opening scene of episode 1, telling the story of the 5 regions.
Guan Xin Tai Yan Princess Temporarily served as Xuanyuan heir as part of Wuji's scheme
Liu Xuan Fei Yan High Immortal of the Ancient Firmament. Wants to resurrect her grandfather using Fuyao and bring back chaos upon the world.

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  • 2018 12th Tencent Video Star Awards: Best Television Series

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