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  • I think u'r right about making a preferred romanization method for Korean names because sometimes i don't know what to use to write those korean names. --Amano (moved from user:A10203040)
Also need to check, do you choosing either G or K is preferable for ㄱ, or is it ok as of now? And if you have any other info to add to the list? --A10203040 13:03, 15 Nov 2006 (CST)

- Amazing job you have done, and yeah I think we should clear the wrinting of korean names, the only thing is that the romanization with "eo , ee" ... are used a lot, almost in every articles and asiatics forums that I have search instead of u or uh(어)(uhn(언), uhm(엄), suh(서). Despite that, for the occidental people what you think to do is a perfect way so just clear up things and I'll do my best, tell me what will be the final resolution and we'l do it.... and really amazing job XDDD lokaanime 20:12, 15 Nov 2006 (MAD)

Thanks, my thoughts about eo is u seems used more often in examples such as 영, 정, 성, 선, especially over here, and quite a few 서 are romanized Suhs here, so was thinking standardising everything to u and uh. --A10203040 13:33, 15 Nov 2006 (CST)