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Replacing Images[edit]

Hi Fereshte, you're clearly a fan of Song Il Gook and would like to improve his articles. That's great, and the new poster you uploaded for Sea God is clearly better than the old one, so thank you. However, please keep in mind that existing pictures should only be replaced if there's a need to, i.e. if they are of very low quality or does not fit the DramaWiki Imagery Guidelines. For example, the new image you uploaded for Lobbyist is actually smaller than the previous one and also appears to be a wallpaper. In Korean drama articles, we prefer using official posters if they are available. Secondly, please remember that artist photos should be a headshot (i.e. it concentrates on the artist's face.) If you're not sure what it should be like, imagine a passport photo. The photo you uploaded includes far too much of his body, so please remember to crop your photos to the correct size in the future. --Hanjae 08:13, 7 October 2010 (UTC)